Season Two – Episode 3 – “Night Court”

By: B.A. Holland

Production Notes:

Started: 3/03/2012

“Air Date” 04/01/2012

Published by: Abyssal Books

Copyright ©2012

All Rights Reserved


This series is a work of fiction. Characters, names and incidences are either productions of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter One

Informal Hearings and the Hearing Impaired

Anna and Zak found themselves in another high speed pursuit that ended up colliding into traffic, which then caused them to have to abandon their car and add to the five o’clock gridlock nightmare. What’s worse was that the man they were chasing after was a witness to another mafia killing in New York. His record had been clean until he violated several traffic laws. Zak found himself trying to count all the specific violations in his head as he chased the man through miles of stationary machinery on wheels that housed countless men and women that seemed to think that pressing their hands into the horn would somehow magically make the world go round’ again. It was getting on five o’clock now and Anna knew that her daughter would soon be awake – along with her tutor, and her ex-cop friend, Nero. Over the past few weeks, Anna and Zak had struck a deal with Nero to help the family out by helping them with their arrests. There was still a vampire out in the city attempting to ruin their reputations and force them to leave the city, and Anna wasn’t about to let that happen. She felt light headed as she jumped over the next countless taxi in an effort to keep up with Zak who may as well have tried out for the Olympics; he was so fast that he was nearly on the witness.

Zak was cursing at the man who seemed to not be paying attention to anything yelled in his direction. He pleaded with him in as many ways that he could, although it was hard to explain that they needed to ask him a few questions and he could be on his way, he was thinking about arresting him for every witnessed traffic violation. Right now, there was a brand new Dodge Charger blocking traffic in New York City and the longer it blocked traffic, the more likely their car was going to get keyed, egged, defaced, pissed on, or otherwise destroyed in all sorts of manners Zak hadn’t thought of yet. If it was later in the night, Zak would have beat Anna to the punch as far as contacting their vampire friends. The trick was to gain more arrests to make up for the amount of money they lost the department overall in the last year. As the night drew closer they would have plenty of time to continue their plan. In the past three days, their arrest record and case-closing ability had gone up immensely. It allowed Anna to present to the courts a reasonable explanation for being gone so much. Titus would likewise have to vouch for the whereabouts of Jordan during the night.

Anna had been thinking about her personal problems so much as she ran that she didn’t realize she had nearly ran into a bus while Zak grabbed the clothes on the runners back in an effort to catch him. In turn, he had slipped out of his shirt to escape her partners grasp. He yelled something at the top of his lungs.

“Leeeroyyyyyyy Jayyyinkinnnsss!”

Leroy Jenkins? Anna thought to herself. She had heard that name before and thought that maybe, this person did have a record she didn’t know about. She put that in the back of her mind as she ran after her partner and the shirtless man.

Eventually, Zak ran the man down. Knowing that the sun would soon set, they hurriedly rushed the suspect back to the car for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that there was a mad vampire after them and he wouldn’t be around during daylight to slice their newest capture into pieces like last time – something they wouldn’t want to tell their current detainee, and second, Zak was worried about the condition of their vehicle now that it’s been left in the hands of angry motorists.

Sure enough, Zak’s eyes widened as he witnessed the sight of a dark dredged scratch that ran from the right taillight all the way to the front door.

“Hey, at least nobody set the windshield on fire.” Anna hoped that bringing up the contrast between now and what happened last Halloween would calm Zak down. It didn’t.

“The… The Car man…” Zak gripped the handcuffs tighter around the man that they had tracked down. He was about fifty years old, with snowy shoulder length hair, weathered skin, and blue eyes that harbored welled up tears as Zak’s grip tightened around his wrists.

Zak looked around as his jaw clenched and his breathing became slightly more hurried.

“It’s nothing a little paint won’t fix!” The man said in his southern twang. “Yer hands!! Yer hurtin’ mi hands!”

Anna reached out and pried Zak’s hands away from Leroy Jenkins, or, whoever he was. She couldn’t get a good ID on him because he had none on him. She pushed him into the back of the keyed Dodge Charger and closed the door.

“Come on, Zak… He’s right. Just a little paint.”

More cars began honking as Anna walked around to the drivers side door and stepped into the car. Zak reluctantly stepped in. He slammed the door so hard that the shotgun rattled in it’s restraints between the two seats.

Once they were back at the station, they decided to give the man an ultimatum; to explain why he was running from the police, or to face all the reckless driving charges that he had racked up while running from Zak and Anna. He quickly told them a tale that made Zak and Anna wish they had never chased the man in the first place. It wasn’t the part where his name wasn’t Leeroy Jenkins either. It turned out that his name was actually Marvin Milligan. Poor Marvin had just explained in detail how he had witnessed three men in suits gun down a man.

“If you don’t believe, me, check it out for yourself! He’s stuffed in a dumpster on 98 Madson Street in front of the Seafood wholesale joint,” the man pulled his long greying hair behind him. There was a wave of stench that emanated from the man and it caused all the desks around them in the department to go vacant while he sat in a chair beside Anna’s desk.

“No,” Zak said. “We believe you. It’s our luck to get tangled up in one mob right after another. It’s bullshit.” Zak sat down at the edge of Anna’s desk and crossed his arms in front of him. His tie dangled forward and he picked at the black shoulder holster under his arm; it was one of his new nervous ticks he performed when he was agitated.

“Alright. So why are you using the alias Leeroy Jenkins?”

“It’s a World of Warcraft joke. In fact, can I go? I have a raid to go to.”

“A raid?” Anna’s brows furrowed as she tired to comprehend the his meaning.

Leeroy, or rather, Marvin Milligan, shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s eh – something special that takes a lot of imagination to get into. The video game is the best ever made if you ask me,” Marvin said.

“Okay… Just make sure to keep hold of your drivers license and don’t run away from the cops next time,” Anna said. She didn’t want to get into a conversation about a video game with the man, nor did she want to have to smell him any longer. There was too much going on in her life for anything distasteful to linger in the air longer than it had to.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll just have to let them know those mobster fella’s took it,” Marvin got up and dusted off his grey, stained jacket while the two detectives’ eyes went wide with the new information he had just given them.

“Wait… Say that again, dumbass?” Zak hopped off of Anna’s desk and spun him around before he could put his arm into the jacket.

“They have your ID?!” Anna rolled her eyes and firmly planted her face into the palms of her hands.

“Don’t worry officers. I’ll make sure to get with the DMV as soon as possible.” He took a few steps back from Zak and then looked to Anna. His stance was more twitchy and unstable the closer Zak got to him. “He okay?” Marvin pointed to Zak while asking Anna. “He looks like I just killed his dog or something.”

“You killed his day, but not his dog. Marvin…” Anna was quick to pull Zak back to the desk by grabbing the back of her towering partner’s shirt and directing his butt next to the pencil sharpener for a landing. “Do you not understand that there was probably more reasons for a wealthy New York mob to be stealing your wallet? They have no use for your money. They know where you live.”

Marvin squinted his eyes. He didn’t understand.

“What you mean? How could they know where I live if they have my wallet?”

“Let me hit him,” Zak said.

“Your drivers license was in the wallet, right?” Anna hoped that he understood as she moved her head in a half-circle motion as if nudging him to use his mind subconsciously. Her blonde eyebrows raised in much the way a teacher would hope that a student would finally understand a hard math problem.

“I ain’t followin’ ya. But yeah, it was in my wallet.”

“Sure! Go home… Just go home as soon as possible and have sweet dreams!” Zak launched away from his desk and walked around to his own so he could pull his coat off the back of the chair. “Shit.. I can see this night developing nicely. What, with mister Leeroy Jenkins and all. Tell you what,” Zak said while walking back to Marvin. “… when you walk through the front door just yell Leeeroyyyy Jenkins! To announce yourself. At least it will be comical to the motherfu–.”

“Zak!” Anna threw a stapler at him. “Shut up.”

“So how we going to do this?” Zak asked.

“I’m going home,” Marvin said. “I have a raid to do. It’s very important.”

“It’s a video game,” Anna tried to remind him.

“I have a guild to run. They can’t play without me.”

“They’ll be playing without your ass forever if you go home tonight! Do you not understand that we’re going to protect you? You’re a witness to a crime!”

“Alright,” Anna said. “I’ll call Jordan and let her know that I can’t make it home early tonight. I’ll alert the department to send some units out to 98 Madison Street to check for evidence of what he said. We’ll just get the CSI reports. Meanwhile,” she looked to Marvin. “If you want to stay at home and do a raid tonight, we’re assigning an officer to look over your house while you’re there. But we would like to relocate you to a hotel.”

“I have a raid,” Marvin reminded them. “I ain’t going nowhere where there isn’t a computer.”

“Maybe Jordan can set him up with a computer? Zak asked.

Anna thought about what it would look like on the court records if Jordan showed up at the police station just to help her out with her job.

“No, it’s best if she stays home. I know how I can get him a computer.”

The lights were off in Jordan’s bedroom and the windows were open allowing a cool breeze to move the thin fabric of the bedsheets on the bed. A silhouette of Jordan against the light of the city beyond was something that Derrick found beautiful as she leaned up. For the first time in a week, they had time to be alone together and it was just about to get hot when Jordan’s cell phone rang. She got off of her boyfriend and picked the phone off of the dresser.

“Damn it.. It’s Nero.”

“It’s probably just your mom telling all of her friends to call to see if you’re okay,” Derrick said. “Don’t pick it up.”

“I have to.”

Jordan reached out to the light and twisted the knob until the room lit up revealing two teeanaged kids. Derrick felt bumbed-out as he lie flat on the bed fully clothed. Once again, I didn’t even get to third base, Derrick thought. Jordan straightened her shirt to make sure she looked presentable as she just received word that trouble was brewing.

“I came to pick you up to run an errand with me so you don’t piss Nichole off and cause more problems. It’s just that I see a ‘child services’ van parked out front of the condo and a woman in a black suit just walked in. I take it you’re probably doing something you shouldn’t be since you’re still home, so I thought I would give you a heads up.”

“Oh my god!” Jordan swallowed hard and looked around the room for her things. “What am I going to do?!”

“What’s wrong?” Derrick asked.

“There’s a freaking child services van out front. Nichole must have heard us talking through the walls and she called them!”

“Don’t worry… Calm down, Jordan. Go into your mom’s bedroom and look around. Do you see anything from the trip to Hawaii there that I could wear? Maybe something that Zak forgot? Look in the closet!”

“Stay here,” Jordan said as she rushed out of her door and into her living room. She turned the corner to race into her mothers room and quickly opened a closet filled full of NYPD uniforms, feminine work attire, and – a small pile of Zak’s clothes… Her blue eyes gazed at a few other things that she managed to pull out of the closet.


“Yeah! Um– yeah there’s a lot of Zak’s stuff in here.” She walked over to Anna’s bed and smelled of the sheets and then put two and two together as her eyes narrowed down at the box of Magnum Trojan’s in her hand. “Oh – my – god… I’m going to kill him!” She threw the box onto the bed at the same time a thick mist entered the room. Jordan knew it was Nero and had no intention of seeing him in the nude when he returned to solid form so despite her newly found reason to kill her best friend, Zak for boning her mother, she dropped that line of thought and promptly exited the room.

Nero came out of the bedroom behind her wearing an assortment of oversized clothes that required a pair of scissors to fit right on him.

“What are you doing?” Jordan asked as he walked past her.

“Relax sport… I got this. Go back to your room and put something on TV and use that super hearing of yours to back up my story if they come in and ask you about anything I said.”

There was a knock at the door. Nero shooed Jordan away into her room. Derrick had been spying on the conversation by way of peaking through the cracked door that also managed to crack him in the nose when Jordan bowled her slender body into it with haste. Nero attempted to look as normal as possible for a five foot something man parading around in a six foot something man’s clothing.

“Hello?” Nero asked.

Nichole Draysdale was standing behind two people in suits, one man, one woman.

“We just received a report from a reputable source that the legal guardians of Jordan McKenzie had left her alone in here with a boy that was not a relative. She distinctly heard sounds of inappropriate behavior coming from the apartment,” said the woman.

Nero smiled and shook his head.

“Nichole is hardly a reputable source. She doesn’t like Anna very much and wishes to cause pain and trouble. I’ve been with Jordan and her friend for quite some time and I assure you, as one of Anna’s closest friends, I would never let her daughter engage in anything inappropriate.”

“What is your relation to Anna?” The man asked as he started writing notes down in a notepad.

“Family friend,” Nero said.

“When is Anna due to be back?” The suited woman asked.

“More toward morning,” Nero said. “She’s working the night shift at the police department. You know, keeping the streets safe from bad people?” He looked to Nichole. She had blonde hair this time and was wearing a bright white dress. She looked as if she had just come home from some sort of dinner party and decided to cause trouble with the family again. He smiled at Nichole and grinned as she made her trademark huff sound.

“I am very reputable,” Nichole said. “My husband works for the most reputable law firm in New York! And I’m telling you both they were alone in that apartment! I heard noises!”

“I may have kept the tv on too loud,” Nero said. “I apologize for that.”

“It was not the tv!” Nichole pushed herself between the two government employees and pointed her finger in Nero’s face. Nero in turn waved his hands in the air like the perfect victim and let her rant off anything that she wanted to.

“Your whole family is a menace to society!”

“Whoa! Hey! Hey! I said that I was a friend of the family. I sometimes tutor Jordan and Jordan does stay awake at night because she’s got an allergy to the sun. Of course she’s up, of course we let her have friends over because of her condition, and I assure you she is in good hands. You guys are being duped by a very angry woman,” Nero kept his arms in the air but he turned his pointed fingers into Nichole’s direction.

“How did she obtain this – allergy to the sun?”

“It happened last year. It might have been something dormant that only manifested itself. It’s like a version of porferia, or something like that. It’s a very rare genetic disorder. It happened after all the unfortunate things that happened to her last year if you’ve heard about it,” Nero held one hand out to Nichole as if defending himself. He talked over her head to the other two people as if he was trying to ignore a bratty little kid.

“Don’t use that story to sway them. They’re doing a job that needs to be –.”

“Let us grownup’s talk,” Nero said.

“Well I NEVER!”

“We will be back to file the complaint with her and set a court date,” the other woman said. She seemed to be ignoring Nichole more as time went by and the man she was with didn’t seem to want to be in on whatever was going on. This was a good thing.

“Just be mindful that it has to be a time after the sun goes down,” Nero said. “She can’t handle the sun.”

“We will advise the court of this problem but unless she has a written statement from a doctor, that probably isn’t going to fly, sir. We cannot talk the specifics with you beyond this since you are not officially family. Good day,” the man finally spoke up. Nero pushed the door closed before Nichole could gloat in his face.

“Doctors appointment… Shit,” Nero said to himself as he closed the door and contemplated how they were going to get out of this. Nero flipped his phone open and called Anna.

“Yeah… Anna, before you send me out to Best Buy to pick up that computer. We got problems.”

Jordan and Nero arrived at Club Pandora together with Derrick in tow. Parked on the opposite side of the street was a black Dodge Charger that could have only been Zak and Anna. They stepped out as Nero popped the trunk to his dinged up Honda Civic. Jordan reached into the car and pulled her laptop bag out of the car while Nero pulled an entire computer system out that looked like every computer gamers wet dream. It was all still in a box and Nero even had the mind to buy a few power strips as well. Derrick pulled a large fold-out table from the car. The first thing Zak did before helping the ex-delinquent boy with the table was look Nero over.

“Yo! That’s my shirt! Where did you get that?!”

The little blonde girl shuffled over to Zak fater than he could react and she punched him in just the right spot to make Zak drop the end of the table to the ground. Anna pulled Leeroy out of the car just in time to see the hit.

“Oh no…” Anna sighed just loud enough for Marvin, who wished to be called Leeroy, to hear.

“Your daughter has spunk,” Leeroy said.

“Can you handle things here?” Anna asked out of politeness because she didn’t really count on offering any help to a World-of-Warcraft addict when it was quite obvious that her daughter had just found out that her best friend was having sex with her mother.

“You were boinking my mom!” She yelled loud enough for the line of dancers in front of Pedro’s club to hear. There was some laughter and many others paid quiet attention.

“Oh – shit,” Zak wheezed. He shuffled back to not get hit again. Anna held onto Zak and opened the drivers side door to Nero’s car to help sit him down in. It was the first time she had ever seen her daughter punch anyone and she hoped that she didn’t meant to hit poor Zak as hard as she did. Ever since becoming a Vampire, Jordan kept having to remind herself of her newfound strength.

“I can see her frustration,” said the man they were trying to protect. Right now, Anna was thinking about killing him and blaming it on the mob. She looked around at the large crowd pushing to get into Club Pandora and then shook her head took a deep breath. She looked to her daughter who was on the verge of crying. She went to hug her daughter but Jordan stepped away and kept looking between the both of them. Anna ignored Leeroy.

“Why are you not okay with it?” Anna swallowed hard and tried to keep the tears from falling down both her and her daughter cheek by making sense of the upset.

“You didn’t tell me! Zak,” Jordan turned to him and pointed. “You’re my best friend and you didn’t tell me?! You could have told me!” She then averted her gaze to her mother, “YOU could have told me you were in a relationship! I’m supposed to know these things, not be kept in the dark about it!”

“You’re right,” Anna said. “I’m sorry. Can we talk about it inside?”

At that point they were putting on a show in front of the club that made people happy they had to wait in line. It wouldn’t be too long before gossip about two undercover cops bringing people to a night club for some sort of witness protection got out; the opposite of what they needed to have happen. On top of that, Jordan didn’t need to be associated with the situation and if word got to child services about it, Anna would have the toughest problem of all on her hands. Zak walked over to Jordan and started talking with her while she took care of Leeroy.

“Just follow me. I’m going to get some people to work on getting your stuff up here. Leave everything. We already made a scene and we don’t need all of New York to know you’re here.” Anna wrapped an arm over Leeory’s back and started directing him toward the club while the bouncer gave her a sly grin and the people waiting in line for both Jaime Jax and Pedro Rivera’s music gave them equally sly comments. Anna stopped, turned around at the crowd of people and pulled her jacket back just enough to show them her gun. Things got quiet for a moment and she continued pushing Leeroy into the building.

Outside, Nero approached Zak and Jordan.

“I didn’t see that one coming. It’s official Jordan, my thoughts about your mother were totally wrong. She knows how to have a good time.”

Before Jordan could punch him for what he said, he continued. “It’s normal, Jordan! Relax… You don’t think I know what you and Derrick were up to?!”

“We weren’t! We were just making out!” Jordan stomped.

Derrick walked across the street from the car.

“Jordan, are you okay?”

Jordan looked to her boyfriend and shook her head.

“I’m being accused of boning you.”

“We were going to! If you didn’t show up!”

The eyebrows on Nero’s face couldn’t have gone any higher. Both he and Jordan turned their full attention to the kid with the backwards hat and the scowl on his face. Jordan was more embarrassed than mad. Silent laughter emanated from the line of people behind them.

“Derrick, time to go home before her mother starts hunting you down,” Zak said.

“Wait,” Nero said.

“You’re going to let him stay?” There was hope in Jordan’s voice as she held her hands together. That hope was drained when she witnessed the exchange of money for a bus ticket home.

“Nero!” Jordan protested.

“Hey… I’m saving this debacle from getting more complicated. I’m sure Zak can explain it to you. He’s the king of debacle.” Nero gave the black cop a wide grin. In return Zak nodded and looked as if he had been hurt by a friend.

“Alright. Alright. I see how it’s gonna be, Nero. Prick. No help from you!”

“I can help with more practical things,” Nero said. “What you have here is a family problem. SO are we going to start getting all this stuff up to the penthouse or what?” Nero picked the computer back up and started walking away with it to allow Jordan and Zak some time alone.

Jordan tugged Zak’s arm and pointed toward the Dodge Charger. Zak felt as if he was being asked to go to interrogation.

“Alright.” Jordan’s friend took a deep breath got into the passenger seat of the car. The blonde girl hopped around the front of the vehicle and ignored the comments from the crowd that would very much have wanted to see them on Jerry Springer. The sound of the waiting crowd was dulled when she shut the door to the drivers side and sat on her knees behind the wheel. Zak knew that this night would come but he didn’t expect it to be so soon

“I thought we were going to tell each other everything!” Jordan’s brows furrowed so much that her bright blue eyes were half eclipsed by her eyelids. She included a punch with that scowl that sent Zak rubbing his arm.

“I didn’t know how to tell you! I was scared. Okay?” Zak pushed himself against the back of the door while Jordan stared at him. “Besides… I knew you would react like this. You’re my best friend but best friends aren’t supposed to look at me like they’re sizing me up for dinner. Friends aren’t food and I know that’s what you’re thinking!” Zak pointed his finger at her and started sliding one finger over the other in a shame on you fashion. Jordan’s blue eyes widened and her scowl changed. Her thin lips tightened and began to stretch across her face and her thin cheeks rose as her best friend smiled at her.

“Zak… I’m trying to be mad here and you aren’t helping!” She punched him again. “So are you going to get married? What are you going to do?”

“We’re just friends right now,” Zak said.

“You and I are best friends! You’ve never done that to me!”

Zak suddenly tilted his head to the roof and his white teeth emerged in very much the same way depicted from the happy-dance drawings in a Charlie Brown comic strip. Jordan almost had to plug her fingers into her ears to avoid damage from the loudness of his sudden laughter.

“What?!” Jordan blinked four times faster than regular and her brows furrowed again.

Zak took a breath and tried not to laugh anymore.

“This is one of those girl games… Damned if I do, damned if I don’t sort of thing. I know because I know you don’t think of me like that. And you put me in a position to either get punched by you, or killed by your mother – both equally devastating outcomes! You – Sly little vampire, you… Who taught you how to do the manipulation shit? Jaime? It certainly wasn’t your mom.”

“Don’t break mommie’s heart,” Jordan said. “If you do, I’ll never play basketball with you again!”

“Deal,” Zak said. “I promise I won’t.”

“And you have to give me all the details! Oh! And give me a sibling!”

“What?! No, NOOO no no no…”

“Then don’t boink my mom!”

“You want to know the details?!” Zak seemed disgusted at first. When Jordan smiled he knew that part was a joke. “And no! No siblings.”

“I always wanted a brother or a sister.” Jordan stuck her bottom lip out and lightly pounded the dash of the car. She let out a quick huff through her nose and blinked several times while repositioning her knees to face Zak.

“I said no! Not unless we get serious about things.”

“You’re getting naked and sticking your – your sticking it to my mom! How much more serious is it going to get! That’s pretty serious isn’t it?”

“Grown couples can do that without a serious relationship. We’re just very close friends. I do like your mom. We’re just seeing where it goes and please don’t tell anyone.” Zak already knew that nearly everyone in front of Club Pandora knew about the relationship now but he was hopeful that maybe word still wouldn’t spread. Fat chance, Zak thought to himself.

“Okay then. Derrick and I are going to get it on and we’ll just see how it goes then!” Jordan puckered up her lips and pointed her nose in the air in the same fashion as Nichole Draysdale would.

“I’ll kill him if he does that to you,” Zak said.

“Alright then, no sex for you and no sex for me!”

“That’s not fair! I’m an adult!”

“And I’m an animated corpse!”

A knock came to the door and Nero swung it open to peak in.

“Uh, guys… Are you going to be here all day or what?”

“Nope! We just had an agreement that we wouldn’t have sex anymore,” Jordan reached for the door handle and shut the door. Nero’s mouth opened wide and his eyes went wide.


After getting off the phone with Derrick the next night, she was relieved to hear that he made it home to his dangerous neighborhood safe and sound. Titus had her up by six o’clock in the afternoon for her informal court date. Anna was dressed in a blue blouse and matching skirt. Titus walked in with what at first looked like a small blue bed sheet or cloth of some sort. He laid it on the bed and adjusted his tight black turtle neck business suit as he pointed toward it.

“The shoes came with the dress,” Titus said. “They wrap around the ankles so that you may traverse the courtroom without making a fool of yourself.”

Jordan rubbed her eyes and picked up what she now knew was a dress. As a tomboy that grew up in Bancroft Iowa, she had never seen anything like it. Leeroy wasn’t paying attention. The sounds of feudal warfare had been coming from his computer all night and all day and he was in his own little world while a mob attempted to hunt him down. Zak had spent most of the time on guard whenever the Vampires were sleeping so he was finally out of it while Pedro and Jaime held vigil against anyone who looked out of place in the club.

“How do I even put this on?” Jordan asked.

“You will find this quite comfortable. It was similar to what was all the rage in Rome and still holds true today in style. It also happens to be a three hundred dollar dress so it’s sure to make an impression,” Titus said. “You usually would step into it through the V-neck, pull it up and let your arms slide through the holes. Now, they aren’t sleeves, so just pull the two sides together, one side of the V fold tucks under the other and your shoulders keep the dress from falling off you, so, no running.”

Jordan blinked and raised an eyebrow.

“So it’s basically just a bunch of cloth? And it’s three hundred dollars?”

“You will find it comfortable. Please, take a shower first.”

Chapter Two

Priorities and Trust

Anna, Jordan, and Titus looked as if they had spent time preparing for court. Zak, however, was still in the same plain suit and tie that he had been in for a few days. Titus recommended buying him a suit as well but Zak kept insisting not to. Jordan and Anna looked beautiful in their own ways. Anna put on all the makeup she could to get rid of the puffiness under her eyes from being up too many hours. Jordan still stumbled slightly on the pavement as they approached the courtroom. Anna turned heads as she walked into the court house. Unlike her daughter, she was able to control high heels despite the fact she didn’t like them at all. Her long slender legs got Zak punched in the side again as he watched them walk into the court room.

“I wish you would stop that,” Zak whispered through his teeth.

“Still not happy about it… You owe me sooo much basketball time for this,” Jordan whispered back to him as they walked through a building that was so old, there were cracks in the stone wall. The floor itself had been discolored due to so much traffic over it’s stone surface throughout the years. Jordan picked at her blue V-neck dress that loosely draped over her pale skinny frame. She felt like she was walking in public with nothing on but a pair of undies, a bed sheet, and a pair of strapped heels. Apparently it’s what passed for a good looking dress. Anna even went as far as commenting on how pretty she looked.

They walked through a set of thick oak doors and their shoes met with fresh red carpet. The whole room smelled of fresh cut wood and the benches reflected the light of the incandescent fixtures that hung high over their heads. The lights were imbedded into a dome ceiling with a replica painting reminiscent of the Vatican paintings minus the godly symbols; instead, the art was that of blind Justice holding a scale in her hand. On one side of the room, on the benches, Nichole Draysdale sat. The same man and woman from child services stood in front of her at the state-stand. Jordan, Zak, Anna, and Titus took their seats on a bench behind the defendants stand.

A man in a NYPD uniform walked toward the middle of the main court room.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Case number 8675309, New York versus Anna McKenzie regarding the custody of Jordan McKenzie. This is an informal hearing and not an actual trial. All rise for the honorable Judge Judy Drake.”

Zak leaned over while the officer spouted out the pleasantries and the judge walked onto the stand. He looked beyond Anna and Titus to see Nichole sitting in a seat with a smirk on her face. He wanted to shoot that smile off of her face, or punch that smile off of her face. How dare she interfere with another family like this? Zak rolled his eyes and tried not to think about it as he stood up straight and attempted to present himself as a caring member of the officer’s family so to speak. He looked down a few inches to see Jordan gazing at him with furrowed brows. She obviously thought that he had been looking at her mother the whole time. He hoped that things would get back to normal between the two of them.

“You can take your seats,” the judge said. She had a thick New Jersey accent and wore a ruffled white collar that folded over the neck of her black robe. Her hair was brown and somewhat curly and she had dark brown eyes that seemed menacing as they grazed over a few sheets of paper at a time. “So I see we have a lawyers wife with issues over the family life of a police officer and her daughter. Specifically Jordan McKenzie who goes out at night unattended by an adult.” She took off her slender glasses and looked over to Anna McKenzie. “What’s the story here?” She forewent the opening argument between Nichole Draysdale to ask Anna direct.

“My daughter has a condition that keeps her from being out in sunlight. At night is the only time she can go out. Usually she is with her tutor, Titus Atticus,” Anna said.

“A condition to sunlight? Do you have medical papers to back this up?” The judge asked as she looked through a pile of papers. “I don’t see anything of the sort here. If this goes to mainstream court, a document like that might come in handy. Why don’t you have it?”

Anna stumbled in her speech when she tried to respond. Titus stepped forward for her.

“It’s a condition known as Porferia, miss. It can come on during puberty. I, myself have it. It’s a dreadful thing to have but we make the best of it.”

“Was I talking to you? Who are you? Sit!” The judge raised her voice and pointed the mallet at Titus in a rude fashion. “When I want to talk to someone else, I will address them. I am talking to the mother, Anna McKenzie. And I don’t care about the condition if it isn’t on paper. The only thing I do have on paper here is that you passed the testing requirements to tutor Jordan and that you do most of this at night. Jordan,” The judge looked to the girl and smiled a little.

“What is that you have on? Do you even have anything on under that? What is that?”

“It’s a – It’s an expensive dress, miss.”

“Well, I’m sure it would have looked good on your mother but I find it sickening that she would allow you to walk around in it. If this case goes to court, I don’t want to see so much skin, am I clear?”

“Yes,” Jordan whispered and looked toward the floor.

“I said, am I clear? I can’t hear you!”


“Good,” the judge said. “So you have a boyfriend here it says? How old are you?”

“Going on fourteen,” Jordan said.

“So you’re thirteen. That’s what you say. Thirteen. Period. I don’t care if your birthday is tomorrow. If you’re thirteen, you’re thirteen. And your mother lets you have a boyfriend. And you were alone in the house without your tutor or a guardian on many occasions while your mother’s out at work, according to Miss Draysdale’s account here. Why?”

“A family friend of mine was in the apartment when –.”

“Miss McKenzie, with all due respect, zip it. I’m talking to your daughter now. I thought police officers had brains,” The judge quipped. There was laughter coming from the other side of the courtroom. The judge quickly zeroed in on it.

“Miss Draysdale. You brought this case to my attention. That does not give you the right to laugh, gloat, or even fart in my courtroom. Please, don’t disrespect me.”

“I’m Nichole Draysdale!” She shouted.

“Yeah? You don’t say?” The judge couldn’t help but smile at the remark. “If you had half the brains of your husband, you’d be understanding and respectful. You’d also know that relationship to someone doesn’t give you an ounce of privilege with me. Which happens to be the same reason why a family friend that was in the apartment with Miss McKinzie’s daughter is not going to be admissible in court unless that friend is here with you tonight. Is he?”

Both Nichole and Anna seemed equally upset at the judge. Nichole crossed her arms and huffed while Anna found herself blinking twice as fast as she usually did. She was dumbfounded. She expected the judge to at least take into account the fact that she was a police officer and was somewhat on the same side, but this judge was totally on an even scale. She pissed everyone off on an equal basis. The courtroom was quiet now that everyone was properly under the same understanding of how the courtroom was to be controlled – by the judge and with zero leniency for any party.

“No miss, he is not,” Anna said.

“Then, let’s dispense with the he said she said bull and get on with the hearing.” The judge flipped through the papers and got to the police reports. “What the hell is this? She comes to New York and then gets almost raped the first week she’s here. Then she gets kidnaped by the mob, kills a mob bosses son – oh… Jordan…” She took her glasses off again and looked at the girl. She was finally displaying some semblance of understanding and remorse. “This place just isn’t for you dear, is it? Where are you from?”

“Bancroft, Iowa, miss.”

“Your honor…” She corrected her.

“Your honor.” Jordan looked away from the judge and toward the floor. She wasn’t sure where the woman was going with her line of questioning and it was causing her to tense up. She remembered that she couldn’t shake anymore now that she was technically dead. All of the blood that would have normally retreated from her extremities and filled her face for the blushing reaction just wasn’t going to circulate. She looked like a statue as she fell into a deep thought in order to try and anticipate what the judge was going to ask of her next.

“I’ve never been to Iowa before. It sounds like a quaint little place compared to New York. Why on earth did a girl like you end up here?” The judge leaned back in her chair expecting her answer promptly. Judy crossed her arms and tapped her fingers on her elbows to let her know that she expected the answer to arrive sometime soon.

“My mom wanted shared custody of me but my father was working too much. I moved in with her,” Jordan said in a low tone. The judge emphasized that she was having a hard time hearing Jordan by leaning forward in her chair and tilting her head to the side. Once she processed Jordan’s answer, she nodded her head and shrugged her shoulders.

“… so you move in with your mom, nearly get raped, you kill someone, get kidnapped – twice, once by the mob for retribution for killing the don’s son for Christ’s sake… and then again at the end of last year to a – Religious cult? Sweetie… Do you want to go back home to Iowa?”

Jordan looked up from the floor and then to her mother and to Zak. She looked to the judge and shook her head.

“Not really, your honor. It’s exciting here.”

Several people in the stands started to laugh, which caused the judge to start vigorously slamming her hammer onto her desk.

“Alright! That’s enough!” She pointed the mallet to Jordan. “I’m sure if your father knew what you’ve been through, he’d be scared crapless. I don’t like smartass remarks. Are you a smartass?”

“No your honor,” Jordan whispered.

“What?!” She leaned forward and tilted her ear in Jordan’s direction. Jordan in turn narrowed her eyes toward the judge. Vampire or not, Jordan could get irritated.

“I said, No your honor. I am not a smartass. I am honest.”

“Watch your mouth young lady.” The judge said. People started laughing all over again until she pointed her mallet at everyone in the room. She looked to Jordan and then to Titus.

“Did you teach her to be so straight forward and silent?”

“I teach her art, arithmetic, science, culture, and – manners, your honor.” The pale man whispered his hiss. He stood up straight with his hands behind his back. He looked like more of a judge than the woman behind the podium and it was intimidating even to her. He seemed to be looking down on her with his icy blue eyes despite the fact that he had to look up at the bench. He stepped forward without losing eye contact with the judge.

“Jordan is an extraordinary girl living in extraordinary circumstances, your honor. Any other girl would have wanted to go back to Iowa but Jordan is special. She takes what she has and owns the situation, despite the fact that she too develops her own extraordinary methods at dealing with each instance.” Titus finally looked away from the judge and then smiled slightly at Jordan. It was a fake smile but his eyes told her that he was being truthful about his comment. His voice seemed to take the entire courtroom hostage for a moment as he spoke. “This girl is one in a million.”

“How touching. It’s such sweet bull,” the judge said. “She got lucky. And her father is in Iowa where it’s safe.”

“Pardon me, but you do not have all the facts in hand. New York has one of the best tutoring organization in the country. I am proud be her mentor and without me, she will receive a sub-standard education. I am one of the most well versed historians on the continent and if you send her to Iowa, you will be depraving her of a unique education. Furthermore, talk about her misconduct has been greatly exaggerated on Nichole Draysdale’s part. If you ask her under oath, she will have to acknowledge that she simply wishes to exact a level of prestige in the condo complex that she lives at. Having a police officer live next door simply cramps her style.”

“Don’t put words in other people’s mouths, Mister Atticus.” The judge shooed Titus back to his seat behind Jordan. Titus didn’t sit down but merely stood next to Anna, Zak, and Jordan. After many centuries, he knew what simply sitting down could do to a persons impression. He stood strong with his friends – his family.

“Alright. So far… I see records here that reflect the time spent away from your daughter, Anna. I see incidences involving police officers within your department that were paid off by the mob to conspire in the death of your daughter by officers you knew… A shootout at a hospital that involved your daughter. I can only imagine the rage. From my understanding, that mob still exists in the city and your daughter remains a target. The US Marshals office even suggested you enter the witness protection program last year and you refused. How do you expect to keep your daughter safe under these conditions, miss McKinzie? Your daughter has reportedly been out all night, nearly every night she has been in the city and causes numerous complaints with your neighbor.” The judge leaned back and sighed. “Your daughter is in harms way here. Convince me a reason why I shouldn’t intervene and take her away from you.”

“She’s my daughter. She listens to me. I trust her and she is not in danger. She’s always with people I trust. Her tutor, Mister Atticus is capable of keeping her under control and yes, she does have a boyfriend. I allow her to have a boyfriend because I trust her. It’s none of the courts business how I raise my daughter just as long as the outcome of her actions are acceptable under the letter of the law. So far, the only problem we have here is that my neighbor doesn’t like us and she’s using my daughter as a way to get us out. She listens in on our conversations through the wall, she spies on my daughter and finds reasons to complain.”

“I object!” Nichole stood up and stomped her foot.

“Shut up,” Judy said. “One more outburst out of you during a hearing and I’ll have you removed.” She turned to Anna and nodded. She then looked over to Nichole.

“Alright miss Draysdale, what’s the problem. Is this correct. Were you spending your time spying on Jordan?”

“I was not spying. It was easy to hear them through the walls. They told me that they got nudist camps! Nor are they Christian!” She gasped and held onto the cross on her necklace. She had dark brown hair this time and seemed a bit more down to earth at first glance, but her personality was still that off your standard space cadet and the judge quickly caught onto that.”

“Nudist camps? Not Christian?” The judge started rubbing the temples of her forehead with her fingers. She could tell when someone had just been fed a load of bull and Jordan was apparently good at it when confronted with people that bicker and spy. “Please tell me you have something else to complain about.”

“She goes out at night, she’s loud, she has a boyfriend, she slammed a phonebook against the wall when she found out I was listening to their conversations! She nearly burst my eardrum!”

“I’ve heard enough. Nichole, you’ve admitted to a felony. You obviously don’t even have half the mind of your husband. I’m going to stop this here because I don’t want to open up any more cases. From what it sounds like, Jordan is a teenager and none of what you’ve told me prompts a reason to take this to court. Most of this has wasted my time. However, I am genuinely worried for the safety of Jordan McKenzie.”

Anna’s phone began to vibrate in her pocket. She flipped it open.

::: From: Nero:::

::: People came to the club asking about Leeroy Jenkins.:::

::: Something is about to happen. Might want to come.:::

“Excuse me!” The judge yelled. “You brought a phone into my court room?!”

Anna looked to Zak.

“They found him.”

Zak stepped forward.

“Your honor. May we call a recess? A life or death situation has just cropped up regarding the protection of a murder witness. We need to leave.”

“This is not going to look good on the hearing reports if you walk out that door, Anna,” the judge reminded her. Anna looked to her daughter. Jordan looked up in return and nodded. She reached around and hugged her mother.

“Go get him,” Jordan said. “Be careful.”

The slamming of the judges hammer echoed throughout the courtroom.

“I’ve had enough of this. The convenient of this hearing along with a date and time will be mailed to you. Come back when you actually have your daughters well-being and future in mind!”

Zak and Anna raced out of the court room leaving Jordan with Titus. Titus in turn looked down to the little girl and nodded in the direction of Zak and Anna. Jordan smiled and nodded in agreement without a word said. They walked out of the courtroom with a steamed Nichole Draysdale hot on their heels. They made it to the stone hallway that led to the front doors and they could hear the heavy footsteps of high heels following them. The two vampires swiftly turned around at the same time and stared her down. Nichole stopped and fidgeted as the two well dressed creatures of the night kept their gaze.

“This isn’t over!” Nichole yelled.

“I think we’ve had just about enough of you,” Titus said. “Beware!” He wrapped his hand around Jordan’s arm and pulled her back just in case she had the urge to do anything inside the courthouse. He was sure that he trained her well enough not to jump to rash actions but he was still on the safe side with the spunky little vamp.

“How are we going to get there? You paid so much money for my dress and I don’t want to go to mist and lose it all. If we run, it’s going to wear it out and we need to get there in a hurry!” Jordan looked around desperately while searching her own mind for a solution to their dilemma. There was a loud whistle that hurt her ears. She looked up to see her mentor with two fingers in his mouth and one hand in the air.

“Sometimes the human method is just as easy an option, my dear.”

A taxicab pulled up for the Vampires and they quickly got in and gave the driver the directions for Pedro and Jaime Jax’s new club.

Chapter Three

The Love of Family

No car had ever gone faster down that particular street before and it caught the attention of the mobsters that were waiting patiently outside the club as Anna and Zak’s black Dodge Charger blasted down the street with the internal light bars shining blue and red all over the wet pavement. Anna and Zak kept their eyes on the one way street as they kept the car on the pavement with precision driving. White smoke suddenly emanated from behind one of the cars that were parallel parked across the street from Pedro’s club. At the same time, a streak of a person suddenly landed on the hood of their car as they sped after the car that hopped into the street to get away from them. Nero’s bright shirt and tie waved in the wind as he yelled at the windshield.

“Hey! Can you guys let me in?! It’s kind of hard to hear the stereo!”

“Damn it! Slow down!” Anna was highly perturbed over the fact that they had to slow down just to let Nero in the car. Zak reached forward and hit a button on the dash that allowed for the back door to open on it’s own. It was a feature utilized for K-9 units to allow their dogs out at the touch of a button but in this case, it was a way to allow Nero into the back seat of the car without having to come to a full stop. Nero pulled himself over the top of the car and into the back. He slammed into the seat and pulled the handle toward him.

“How’s it going guys! Yeah – you got the right car.” He pointed out the obvious.

“So why are you coming with us?!” Zak yelled.

“Because! This is more fun than hanging out at Pedro’s! You two develop more drama in one night than all of Club Pandora’s patrons combined.”

Anna stepped on the gas to catch up with the men that were asking about Leeroy. She thought about her day as she kept her eye on the car ahead of them. The court hearing, the crazy man addicted to computer games, now the mob again. Anna swerved her car and brought it into another intersection at the exact time the vehicle they were chasing lost control. Two figures appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the road and in an instant, all four tires popped as the figures ran past the car. There was a shower of sparks as the car spun out of control on it’s rims and came to rest after slamming into a 2010 Lamborghini.

“Wow!” Nero watched as they slowed down in time to watch the Lamborghini turn into what resembled an accordion. “See what I mean! You guys are fun!” Nero looked like a fish out of water as he placed his face against the back glass partition. The look on his face was almost animated as the flames brought light to the broad grin.

“Time to go, Nero!” Zak said as he popped the back door open.

“Alright. I’ll meet you back at the club. Thanks for the fun!”

Nero and Anna drew their sidearms the moment they stepped out.

“NYPD! Get out of the car with your hands up and lay on the ground!” Zak’s yell was angry and loud. Anyone with half a mind would have obeyed it because there was menace in the tone. It was too bad they didn’t listen. Almost immediately, gunshots rang out. Zak dove over the dodge charger and Anna quickly joined him. The front windshield of the four door sedan they had chased cracked and bulged until the entire glass pane peeled away from the bent frame of the car. An automatic weapon stuck out of the hole and began firing at them. The bullets were so powerful that they didn’t stop for the police car. They traveled straight through the doors. The engine quit running as a round made it into the engine block. Glass began to rain down on Anna and Zak as they tried to take refuge behind the front tire of their car. Suddenly, the gunfire stopped. Both detectives jerked in shock as Jordan and Titus walked around the front of their vehicles with a small arsenal in their hands. They dropped them at the front tire. Titus nodded toward the car.

“You best get them before they run. Right now they’re slightly dazed and confused.”

Titus nodded in the direction of a car full of mobsters that looked at their empty hands with confusion on their faces. Zak quickly approached the car and demanded they follow his directions now. They swiftly complied.

“Go home, thank you…” Anna said.

“Love you mommy,” Jordan hugged her tight before they left.


Two Days Later

“Leeroyyyyy Jenkinssss!” The man yelled as he stepped into the marble lobby of the courthouse. His voice echoed so loudly that it got the attention of everyone. Including the new Gamboni Crime Family that tried to take over where the DiSoto’s left off. As soon as the courtroom doors opened Leeroy, or rather Marvin Milligan ran straight down the aisle and right to the front bench where judge Judy Drake sat unamused.

“Those were the guys right there!” He pointed at the men on the bench. She looked up to see Zak and Anna walk into the courtroom. She rolled her eyes.

“You two again?”

The cops both smiled.

“Your honor,” Anna nodded.

“I see you’re tangled up with the mob again. Where’s your daughter?”

“At home with her tutor.” Anna lied. She would rather not tell the judge that she was at a night club with a mixture of Gothic music and Pop music. She was currently on Marvin Milligan’s computer trying out World of Warcraft, and enjoying it. With any luck, Jordan would finally have a hobby that kept her indoors.

Fat chance, Anna thought as she smiled to herself.

Jordan watched as the man that liked to be known as Leeroy showed her how to do boring mundane things in order to gain points to buy other things in the game known as Epic This Or That.

“Epic Mount? Are you serious?” Jordan said as she leaned back in her chair to grab something out of her bag she brought from the house. She was back in gym shorts and a t-shirt again and she pulled out her basketball. “Hey Neroooo!”

“I don’t play basketball!”

“You do now…”

The Spalding basketball flew over Leeroy Jenkins’ computer monitor. Nero barely caught the ball as she threw it unexpectedly. Several minuets later, Jordan and Nero found the nearest basketball court by the river. Under the street lights, she practiced her dribbling while Nero carefully folded his jacket and pulled his colorful tie off of his red shirt. He unbuttoned the top button from his shirt and followed the girl into the middle of the court.

“Just remember if you lose, I’m taller than you.”

Jordan sucked air through her teeth and arched her neck back as she gave her friend the expression that clearly read please, I’m going to mop the entire court with you. She started running toward him while weaving the basketball between her legs with ever bounce. She jumped up to shoot the ball but Nero met the ball in the air and grabbed onto it. Jordan was suddenly shocked. She stood in one spot too long as she processed the fact that she was no longer playing against her human boyfriend, or her boyfriends human friends – this was a fellow Vampire and she no longer had the unique advantage over her opponent. She watched as Nero leapt in a single bound and slammed the ball into the hoop. Even Nero looked surprised at himself after he met the ground with his feet a second after the ball bounced.

“Wow.. I wish I had thought of this when I first got turned,” Nero said. “I’m a jumping white man now. I can win some bets!”

To Jordan, Nero’s laughter was an enticement to beat him regardless of their equal status in the game. She knew basketball better than he. She ran after him and snatched the ball as quickly as she could, which was so fast that she only had to slow down to nab the ball. Nero stopped to look around. He wanted to make sure that nobody saw what she just did.

“Jordan! Drop back a few gears!” He nodded to the sounds of the cars on the street – to civilization in general.

“Ah, gotchya….” She said in an understanding, albeit, childish reply. She looked to the street to see that people were watching, a white van parked on the sidewalk was keeping roller bladers and joggers from safely traversing the park without having to roll or run into oncoming traffic. Nero was about to look when he suddenly fell backward. The sound of the shot came only a second later. Jordan sighed. Nothing was surprising anymore. She walked over to Nero and checked on him.

“I’m alright… Just run. I’ll pretend to be dead.”

Jordan looked behind her to see the people in suits and ties approaching.

“Um – they’ll know something is up. They’re already too close.”

“Don’t kill them.”


She heard the sound of the gun cock behind her as Nero pretended to be dead.

“You Anna McKenzie’s daughter?” A fat man with a shotgun asked.

“Nope! Why? Is everything okay?” She responded.

“You’re way too nonchalant for someone who just had her friend get blown away.”

“This will be the third time someone from the mob or some crazy cult has tried to kidnap me. The only thing I don’t want to happen is to have to go back to where I came from because some stupid judge rules that it’s too dangerous for me here. What do you want?” Jordan suddenly threw the ball at the man’s face and it bounced off of his forehead. Not expecting it, he stumbled back and Jordan grabbed the rifle right out of the man’s hands. “Stay standing right there please!” She said with a giggle. She kept the fat man as an obstruction between the white van and her so that she wouldn’t have to get shot like Nero.

“What the fu–.”

“Shh! Potty mouth! You mobsters and your F words…” She giggled. “What do you want?” She couldn’t believe how used to this she was getting. She felt that Titus would have been proud of her if he wasn’t with Leeroy Jenkins to protect him from these funny people.

“We’re going to get you and ransom you for clearing our buddies with the judge,” fatty said. Jordan rolled her eyes. She walked to him and grabbed him by his tie. It was his quick chance to try and regain control of the girl and her gun but he soon found out that she was immovable. She tightened her grip and before he could say what are you she ripped his shirt off and used both it and his tie to entangle his hands in the spokes of a bike tire that some tourist left laying around.

Jordan looked over at the basketball court to see Nero pointing at the white van.

“I’ll be back,” Jordan whispered to the tied up Mobster.

Nick, or Nickie as his fellow mob buddies liked to call him, was on the phone trying to explain to the under-boss that the little girl took Antonio that fatty’s gun and vanished behind a tree. He was in the middle of attempting to explain that he couldn’t step out of the car because he was double parked on the sidewalk but he didn’t want to tell the man that he was really just too scared to confront a little girl that took out a man that could have eaten him if he was hungry enough. His excuse soon changed when he felt the cold steel barrel of a shotgun press against the nape of his neck.

“I’ll take that call!” Jordan chirped happily as her tiny hand reached around and grabbed the telephone.


On the other end of the phone call, Tony Gamboni’s weathered face frowned.



“You surprise me. Now that you have my men, what do you plan on doing?” He was scared and he knew that it must have shown in his voice. He knew that this would only add to the certainty that his boss would be thrown in jail if it went wrong. “Can we make some sort of deal?”


Tony wasn’t sure if she was just waiting to see what kind of deal he had planned or not because she wasn’t very forthcoming. He had to remind himself that he wasn’t exactly dealing with an adult and maybe had to spell it out for her.

“If you kill them for me, we can forget this happened. Do you want money?”

“Nope! I have some problems that require me to rather not have seen ya! So if I let them go for you, can you stop shooting my friends and trying to nab me?”

“You won’t press charges?”

“Nope… Just leave me alone.”

“Done.” He hung up the phone and looked to the man across from him. “Are you sure that this is the way you want to play it? You could have gone with them.”

“Trust me,” Rodney, the ancient Vampire said. “This will be much more fun.”

Jordan leaned over the drivers seat of the man in the white van.

“Alright. I’m going to take my dead friend and get out of here. Once we’re gone, you can untie fatty. You’ll find him stuck to a bicycle in the park behind a bunch of trees. Once you untie him, your boss guy – yeah, he want’s you to get back into your Dodge Molester white van and go see him. I think you’re in bunches of trouble!” She giggled. When her laughter stopped, he turned around and found nobody there. He looked to the basketball court and Nero was already gone, too. A chill ran down his spine as he carefully gout of the Van. The sound of a nearby car horn made him jump as he made his way into the park. From a distance, Jordan and Nero enjoyed the show.

“Another mob?” Nero shook his head in dismay. “This is getting annoying.”

“Yeah… How did they know where we were?”

“That’s the million dollar question,” Nero said.

The two Vampires sat on a park bench together as well as sighed together. The night life was getting too interesting.

“That was a two hundred dollar suit,” Nero complained.

“They did you a favor,” Jordan quipped while looking at his highly overcolored fashion. “Have you ever thought about solid colors hm?” The pigtailed blonde shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m not boring… I like having mixed colors in my tie.”

“Well, now you have red!”

“Time to get a drink…” Nero said.

The two vampires got up and walked off into the night.

“Titus gave me a fridge.”