Season Four – Episode 3 “New Beginnings”

Jordan had to rely on the Los Angeles Coven to help her more often that she’d ever wanted now that things got serious with her new job. They’d come up with this new spray that protected the skin from UV rays along with contact lenses that protected her eyes from being burnt to a crisp. It wouldn’t come off unless she went to mist and if she did, she’d have to re-do the process all over again. Jordan loved going to mist and she couldn’t do it anymore for as long as she was on day shift. This was due to her being in a romance with her new partner and they were both being punished for it. She was to be split up from Paul for a month. The contacts didn’t hinder her ability to see anything she normally could see, and her ears were still adept to hearing sounds that her human counterparts couldn’t hear; that’s why, she could hear her boss in the police station talking with Detective Jessica Lu about her decision not to fire the both of them for the scene they put on in front of the entire department a week ago. Paul thought that his career was over and he overreacted a little after assuming that they had slept together. Ultimately, that was actually the covens fault for not letting her do things the way she wanted to do them. Of course, she didn’t want to go to war with a coven that was able to help her out in dire situations, even if some of the problems were caused by the coven itself.

The upside was, she found herself a boyfriend pretty quickly, and she could go out in the daylight. She just had to be careful not to open her mouth in direct sunlight. If she closed her mouth quickly it didn’t burn much. The quick burns healed almost instantly but the regeneration took a toll on her and she required more blood. She packed extra “smoothies” in her cooler. Paul, her lucky new boyfriend was still at her house, sleeping while she battled through the day with her new temporary partner, Sergeant Blake Shanks; a ten year veteran of the force and Ex Navy Seal. The muscular bald headed, forty year old white guy was as racist as they came and sexist, too. Jordan wanted nothing to do with the hot headed partner of hers but Jona stuck her with him as punishment for screwing her old partner. What’s worse is that the whole department knew about it and in Blake’s eyes, she was just a pretty girl with a badge and he never let her forget it.

She kept listening to the back and fourth from her desk. Jona and Detective Lu were having quite the disagreement but it ended when Jona reminded Lu who the boss was and that she was giving her, and Paul a second chance.

“So, we going ten-eight or are you just going to sit there, Officer?” Blake’s voice dripped with disgust for her and her decisions. Jordan looked up at her sergeant and nodded. She happily jumped up from her chair and gave a playful salute.
“Jesus Christ…”
Her partner shook his head and sighed as he turned to walk out the door. Jordan grabbed her cooler and put her sunglasses on as she stepped out into the hot California sun. She descended the stairs to the palm tree adorned parking lot and followed him to his squad car; a sun-bleached, scratched up, older model Crown Victoria that had seen better days. She didn’t feel like talking much around this man because he always had a major problem or a lecture to say about any opinion she had or anything else that came out of her mouth. He was always lecturing her, but if she didn’t talk, sometimes she’d get lucky and listen to a different lecture that had nothing to do with her. The door squeaked reluctantly as she pulled it open and put her cooler in before sitting down.

“Normally I’d head down to the problem areas, but since I have you to babysit, we’ll go where all the other cops like to go and call it an easy day. What do ya say about that? Would you like it nice and easy?” Blake scoffed and laughed as he started the police cruiser and pulled onto the main road. “… I bet that’s how your other partner gives it to you, nice and easy, am I right?” Jordan turned her head to look at him. Even with sunglasses covering her eyes, she didn’t look enthusiastic about what he said. She wanted to say something to him but that would just turn into another lecture. “What? What’s that for? Oh, you want to go down south?”

“I can go hard,” Jordan said. “Harder than your wife.”
“What the fuck you just say to me?”
Jordan sighed as Blake stuck his finger in her face.
“Don’t you — Ever talk about my wife in a disrespectful manner. I – am your superior officer and I expect you to treat me as such. Do you understand?”
Jordan nodded.
“No don’t just nod your head. Do you understand me, Officer McKenzie?!”
“I understand.” Jordan rolled her eyes behind her glasses. She couldn’t believe Jona stuck her with the biggest hardass in the entire police department.
“I got ten years under me, little girl… You listen to me, and you might actually fucking survive. It’s why they gave me these stripes. It may have been armature hour a week ago but we ain’t put up with that shit today — no, not on my watch. New York is nothing like this. You had it nice over there but over here, you’re in the shit. They aren’t supposed to put little girls like you out here. How the fuck are you in your twenties? You look like you’re a little girl. I guess that’s what your partner likes huh? He like little girls?”

“So, I’m not allowed to talk about your wife who can’t handle it hard, but you can say all you want about my boyfriend?”
“That’s it…”
Jordan had to hold onto the seatbelt as her sergeant took a hard right into a parking lot.
“Get out!” Blake shut the car off and stepped out of it. She watched as he stomped over to her side of the door, pulled it open, and pulled her out of the car. He pointed in her face and started to yell at the top of his lungs. “I already warned you. I have privilege to talk about things and you – do not. It’s as plain and simple as that and if you don’t like it, you can fucking go home but you give me your goddamned badge before you walk away. I’m trying to teach you something and you keep disrespecting me.”
“You’ve been disrespecting me all day.”
“I can do that! You cannot!”
“Train me then! Stop being a meanie!” Jordan yelled.
“You belong behind a fucking desk.”
“Why?” Jordan got out of the car and crossed her arms.
“This ain’t New York! Out here, if you’re alone, a girl your size… You’re going to die! We do a raid and you get separated from the group, and you’re in a world of hurt because there’s going to be nothing you can do! Get a desk!”
“I can handle myself just fine!” Jordan yelled back.
“Oh really! Okay! Let’s say I’m a gang member and not your partner! Right here! Right now! What you gonna do?!”
“I don’t want to hurt you!” Jordan yelled.
Blake pushed her up against the car and forcefully spun her around. Jordan felt her hair get pulled back while Blake pulled her legs off the ground using her duty belt for a handle. She knew what he was trying to do and was only waiting for permission to use the force she was afraid to use.
“I’m about to stick my fat cock in you because your partner isn’t around! And you can’t do shit about it, can you?!”
Jordan giggled and grabbed hold of the car with her hands. She reached back and wrapped her legs around his upper thighs and then twisted herself around, causing Blake to go off-balance. That’s when she pulled her leg back and kicked him off a steep incline off the side of the road. Blake screamed as he tumbled end-over-end until he hit the ground in a cloud of dust. She clicked her radio.
“That’s what I’d do. We good?”
Jordan’s eyes widened as she saw him clambering up the hill toward her while mumbling mass obscenities. She took a few steps back as Blake, got to the top of the hill and charged her. Jordan quickly swept her leg behind his knees and sent Blake on his back before he could get to her.
“You asked!” Jordan yelled. “You done?”
“Bitch…” Blake gasped. “You don’t fukin’ do that to me without permission.”
“Oh but you can try and fuck me in the ass without permission? Just like, you can insult me, but I can’t insult you? Now I can’t make you look bad when you were trying to make me look bad. I thinkie – you need to get behind a desk.”
“Fuck you!” Blake said as he stumbled near-aimlessly to the car, collapsed, and sat up to rest his back against the tire of the patrol car. He yelled it so loud that some of the dirt rumbled off his shoulders.
“Four Delta One, Ten-Four, Ten-Six?” A female voice emitted over the radio.
“Four Delta One,” Blake clicked his mic. “Ten Four.”
“Four Delta One, Ten-Four, Ten-Six?”
Jordan tapped her shoulder mic.
“Four Delta One, we’re Ten-Six. Fifty-One, Ten-Nineteen– Ten.”
“Ten-Four, Oh’ Nine Thirty-One.”

“What are you doing calling in ourselves on break when we’ve only just gotten out here?!” Blake asked. Jordan reached down suddenly and Blake twitched at the sudden move. Jordan pulled his radio off his belt and pointed at the place where an antenna should be. “Oh, shit…”

Jordan waited for Blake to exit the equipment room. That’s when Sergeant Sanchez stepped out and eyed Blake just as soon as he exited the equipment room.
“What the fuck happened to you two?”
“He tripped, and fell down a hill.” Jordan smiled.
“Yeah,” Jona said as she walked away. “Sure…”

Jordan hoped that after what happened, Blake would be more assured that she could handle herself now. Jordan noticed he wasn’t mouthing off constantly this time out. He just gunned the accelerator hard and sighed a lot. At least it was quiet.

“Is day shift always this fun?” Jordan sarcastically said while propping her skinny legs on the dash.
“It’s a sixteen hour shift today. If you don’t like day shift, it’ll be night soon enough. Fuckin’ night shift… Any time after six o’clock, that’s when the niggers come out.”

Jordan’s eyes widened at that. He was sexist and a racist!

“… all these fuckers with their racism cards. Whenever a white person has to put one of them down, they call racism and burn the whole town down. Pretty soon, it’ll get to where we can only have black officers on the streets because if we have to defend ourselves, it’ll be a riot.”

Jordan crossed her fingers and hoped she wouldn’t have to be partnered with the guy for long. As much as it was interesting to see daylight again, she felt trapped in her own personal layer of second skin and she longed to go to mist and leave day shift, and Blake, far, far behind. She had never met a bad cop before, but Blake was a first. Actually, Jordan thought as she laughed, she had met several bad cops before, but they were so bad that she had them arrested. Blake wasn’t a criminal cop though, he was just someone that didn’t have the temperament for the badge that he wore. Ironically, he had spent the first portion of his shift telling Jordan how she was a bad cop due to her gender and size. Now he wouldn’t shut up about racism.

“At least a good percentage of the people in our zone are Latino!” Jordan hoped to lighten the mood with some contrast. All that did was make Blake change subjects to the downfall of society at the hands of Latino gangs and how they were the blight of South L.A..

“You know they don’t call it South Central anymore? They wanted to refine it to just ‘south’. What the flying fuck is the deal with that?”
“I thinkie you gonna tell me…” Jordan sighed and pulled her knees up to her chest so she could lay her chin on a knee and look longingly out the window.
“Because South ‘Central’ is the most gang infested, crime ridden, fucked up part of this whole goddamned city, and if they dissolve it into just ‘South’ L.A., the crime reports for what used to be South ‘Central’ don’t look so fucking bad! It makes the Mayor look good when the crime statistics don’t have that big fucking blotch of red in one zone. In turn, it spreads us out so we aren’t patrolling it so consistently and therefore, we aren’t catching fuckers for their fucking crimes in that fucking small area. Fuck! It’s all political!”

Jordan raised an eyebrow at him.
“Anyone ever tell you, you curse bunches?”
“Did I ever tell you I don’t give a fuck?!” Blake pointed away from the steering wheel and out the window, “Are you listening to the context of my words? Or are you just counting the fucks?”
“I can multitask!” Jordan said with a smile.
Blake finally smiled and laughed for a quick moment. Jordan kept the grin and Blake chuckled.
“Well, okay! Hey.. Sorry about earlier. I – Just didn’t think you had it in you to defend yourself. I was wrong.”
Jordan scowled at her temporary new partner and sucked air through her teeth before making a strange squeaking sound.
“I spent a year in New York City as a cop. I’ve been shot at with a sniper rifle, I’ve been tracked down by moles in my own department working for the mob, and I’ve confronted gang members on the streets – had a boyfriend killed by gangs… And you judge me solely by my looks and gender. Sorry isn’t going to exactly cover everything but it’s a start – meanie…” Jordan crossed her arms as she looked at him.
“Okay.. So how did you do that thing with your legs?” Blake asked. “You know… When you kicked me down that hill and stuff?”
“I’m stronger than I look.”

“Four Delta One, Signal 33 Your area. Target at Beach Avenue.”
Jordan picked the microphone up in the car and responded.

Within a minute, they were at Target. Blake parked the cruiser in front of the doors and that’s when an angry man with a bat ran in front of the car. Jordan ran after him. Blake stayed behind to call off the man’s description into the radio for just a moment and then yelled for Jordan to slow down. Jordan kept up with the man easily. He jumped over a fence behind the shopping center and Jordan cleared the entire six foot fence without even touching it and without breaking a sweat. Jordan knew that the mortal would run out of stamina soon enough. She didn’t bother actually catching up to him. All she wanted to do was watch him collapse from exhaustion.

“Where are you?”
“He just jumped behind the fence to the shopping center. South-East on Villa Yorba toward a tennis court at the end of the road.” Jordans voice was clear, and not consistent with a ninety pound girl with fifteen pounds of gear, running nine miles an hour after a fit baseball-bat-wielding Latino shoplifter. Jordan kept about ten feet separation with him and she could hear his panting and gasping from where she was. He kicked through the fence door to the tennis court and ran past. Several tennis players stopped what they were doing and started filming with their cell phones as Jordan followed him through the fence door and kept behind him with ease as he climbed the chain link fence. Jordan could hear the siren of the Blake’s police car behind her as she climbed the fence after him. She could have caught the guy ten times over but she was doing her best to pretend being mortal but she knew she was showing off just a little. Jordan spared time to wave a second to Blake as she balanced herself off the edge of the fence and jumped down the other side. She rolled forward after a thirteen foot drop and sprung to her feet after the man as he ran into a sidewalk between two sets of apartments. Jordan knew she needed to catch him before he attempted to run across ten lanes of traffic now. She wanted to chase him but not kill him. Jordan easily picked up the pace as the Latino tried to scale the last brick wall that acted as a sound barrier between the apartments and the San Diego Freeway. He tried to jump the fence but he had no more energy anyway. Jordan smiled and walked over to him. He swung the bat at her and fell on his back. Jordan knelt down next to him while he coughed and spit toward the grass as he panted and gasped.

“What the fuck, chica… How you do that?”
“I’m from New York!” Jordan giggled. “Come on. Turn over.”
“Give me a sec…”
“Okay.” Jordan helped him sit up and held him forward so that he wouldn’t fall back over from fatigue. Neighbors and tennis players from the apartment complex converged on her before Blake arrived. She finished putting the cuffs on him and searched him for weapons. In the process, she pulled out a box of condoms. “You were running because of this?!” Jordan sighed.

Blake walked over to her and tapped his radio.
“Four Delta One, Code Four, Ten-Thirty-Three. Ten-Six for transport, Ten-Twelve.” He pulled away from his microphone. “Holy shit!” He yelled. “She’s like a fuckin’ speedy Gonzalez!”
“What’s that?” Jordan asked as she pulled the man to his feet. The Latino looked over his shoulder, sweat poured off of him as he panted but he still managed to ask the question between labored breaths.
“You never watched Loony Tunes?!”
“I’m nineteen. I grew up on Power Rangers and Pokemon.” Jordan said. She looked to Blake, “Speedy what?”
“Forget about it…”
“No! I like anything with the word Speedy in it!”

Jona was already cursing at her computer by the time Blake and Jordan arrived with their collar. Jordan didn’t get to put stylus to iPad before Jona yelled out of her office.
Jordan looked to Blake and shrugged her boney shoulders before walking to Jona’s office. She shut the door behind her while Jona turned on the mounted TV on her wall. The underscored title of the clip was “Tiny Cop Takes Down Perp.” Jordan smiled as she watched the cellphone video of her running after her suspect and climbing a tall fence after him
“What are you angry about?” Jordan asked. “We caught him.”
“We have to pay a hundred and fifty dollars for a new gate for the apartment complex.”
“Why us? He broke it!” Jordan pointed out the windows to the man Blake was booking into custody.
“We don’t want our officers scaling tall fences and putting their lives in danger. How did you take him down? Wait.. Was force involved? I don’t want to know…” Jona held her hand in front of Jordan.
“No force, actually. He gave up willingly after getting all worn out.” Jordan said. “This was the simplest takedown I’ve ever experienced. I think your criminals are soft here in L.A., nothing like New York.”
“If I have to hear anything about New York… I’m going to put you back on Night Shift.”
“New York…” Jordan quickly said without missing a beat. Jona looked up to see the little girl smiling from ear to ear. “I miss Paul…”
“Of course you miss him. You’re fuckin’ em’. It’s against department policy. Like I said. I should have benched the both of you but we have a staff shortage problem. From this video, I can see that you have unlimited stamina. If that goes for pulling a double, I’ll let you work with Paul tonight, but I can’t make you do it if it’s too much for you.”
Jordan started screaming and jumping up and down gleefully.
“Okay… Take five… And do me a favor. Those pigtails… I don’t want to see Pigtails bouncing around on the news. Do something about that, please…”
“But.. I like my Pigtails.”
“Officer. You’re under the mistaken impression that I’m asking.”
Jordan nodded. This meant that she couldn’t go to mist at all and come back because every time she came back, she’d have her long hair back as well. It was as if the department policy was anti-Vampire. Of course, they had no idea that Vampires existed, but still, it was very anti-Vampire. Jordan sighed and nodded. She needed to create emergency contingencies to avoid suspicion; a pair of scissors in her patrol car from now on, in case she had to go to mist, would be required. She made a mental note of that as she stepped to exit.
“And Officer McKenzie…” Jordan stopped to look at Jona, “Good job.” Jordan smiled and left. She walked over to Blake and smiled at him a little. “I’m taking the afternoon off so switch back and do a double. It was nice to meet you.” Jordan held her hand out. Blake smiled back.
“Be safe out there.”
“You too.”

After a quick shower, Jordan dressed in her civilian clothes which consisted of two t-shirts, the outer-most shirt with a huge smiley face on it, and a pair of jeans, and sneakers that lit up when she walked. Jordan left her concealed sidearm in the locker since she was secretly the most dangerous, impervious person on the streets anyway, and she walked out of the police station with her cooler full of smoothies. She waved at Jona who face-palmed herself just looking at her civilian dress-style. She skipped off to the beauty salon to have her hair cut. By the time she was done, she had a pixie-cut and her short bright blonde hair was all set for summer weather in Los Angeles. There was a lot she could do during the day time that she wasn’t used to. She ended up taking an Uber ride to the Los Angeles Pier where she wandered around in the afternoon sun until she entered a twenty-four-seven surf shop.

The wetsuit her size was in the kids section and she wasted no time putting it on. She giggled as she stepped out of the fitting room and spun around in front of the shopkeeper. The man looked at her oddly and watched as she pulled down a surfboard her size; a bright yellow board with a green ankle strap. She placed the board on the table with the tag to her wetsuit and the stack of clothes she took with her.

“Uh.. Where’s your parents?”
“Mmm my mom’s in New York City, and Daddy’s in Bancroft, Iowa. Why?”
She slid her drivers license across the counter along with her debit card. The shopkeeper looked at the license and then back at her.
“You’re nineteen?”
“Yep!” Jordan said.
“You need some sex wax.”
“Excuse me?!” Jordan furrowed her brow. “I’m also LAPD.” She pulled her badge out of her folded pants and laid it on the board. The shopkeeper raised a brow at the girl.
“Now I’m really concerned. You’ve never surfed before, have you?”
Jordan shook her head and looked at him.
“Look, I know this might cost me a five hundred and sixty dollar sale here, but I’m not about to let you die on the beach because you caught some wave you couldn’t handle.” The guy sighed. “Sex Wax is for your surfboard. It keeps your feet from slipping off the surface of a smooth board. Without it, you aren’t surfing. You can’t just go out there and surf. Do you know anything about surfing? Surfers etiquette, the rules…”
“There’s rules?” Jordan cocked her head to the side.
“Jesus… Look..” The man looked at her license and then back at her. “Jordan…” The shopkeeper tugged at his collar. “I’m refusing this sale. Until you get training.”

At that point a group of surfers walked in. They looked to be in their late teens, early twenties. She smiled and waved at them. They seemed unsure at first but one of them walked over.
“Uh… Anything I can help with, sis?”
“Could you teach me how to surf?” Jordan asked. “The – Rules and etiquette?”
“Uh…. Where’s like – your parents, girl?”
“She’s nineteen.” The shopkeeper said.
“Whoa… Unreallll…. Like, I’d say you were a pre-pube… Far out… Yeah.. Sure..  So like… First things first. Your wetsuit is on backwards…” The skinny young teen reached out and flicked her zipper as it dangled under her neck.
“It zips up in the back?”
“$610.50 is your total,” the shopkeeper said with a sigh while running the girls card. He threw two discs of Wax on top of her board. Jordan smiled and jumped up and down.
“Yo, Carl… You got anymore of that weed stash? We’re like – sooo dry.”
Jordan turned to the shopkeeper and giggled. Carl, the shopkeeper reached onto the counter and held up Jordan’s badge while pushing his face into his other hand.
“Dude… You’re a pig?! Noo wayyyy man…” One of the surfers said while looking at the shopkeeper. Carl shook his head and pointed pointed to Jordan. The surfer turned pale and looked at the girl instead. “I meant like – other plants… I like weedy plants and stuff…”

Chapter Two

After five hours of learning how to surf, she finally managed the art of balancing on the board and that was about it. Jordan hugged her surfer tribe goodbye for the night and dug into her bagged pants for her cell phone. She texted Paul to pick her up at the bathrooms next to the pier while she changed. The sun was setting and the lights came on. She smiled as she thought about how much she enjoyed her first day in the sun in six years. As long as she could keep going to the coven for a re-spray any time she went to mist, she’d be able to do it again. For now though, she hoped she wouldn’t have to go to mist and keep her current layer of UV protection for the next day. She stepped under the showers in the bathroom and looked over her skin carefully to make sure there weren’t any cracks in the protection as she washed. It was very important to her that she not explode in flames.

Jordan stepped over to her cooler and pulled one of her smoothies out. The moment she drank it down, she felt re-energized for the rest of her night. The only downside to not realizing she’d be on night shift as well, was that she’d be one smoothie short by the end of the night. That probably wouldn’t matter. She washed her very short blonde hair and shut off the water. That’s when pale, tall, baldy showed up again. Jordan jumped as the man stood in front of her in a full suit.
“What the hell?!” Jordans yell echoed in the showers. The intimidating, slender, tall, monestrous looking man pulled a cell phone out and showed it to her. Jordan looked at the footage of her climbing a fence and chasing a man down in broad daylight. “Yeah… I already saw that, and good, fit humans should be able to accomplish what I did. I didn’t do any of your violations.”

“You’re cutting it close, fledgling… Real close…” His voce had an edge in it that she didn’t like. “Act more mortal, or withdraw yourself from mortal concerns. There’s no need for it anyway. This is their world.” The other vampire said with disgust when referencing ‘their world.’

After spending a day amongst mortals, and surfing with them, she realized quite quickly that he was recommending the impossible. Jordan rolled her eyes and nodded.
“Okay… I won’t show off. If I do anything drastic, I’ll at least pretend I’m out of breath.” Jordan promised.

“Tone it down…” The Coven Vampire demanded. He vanished into mist in front of her eyes. His $2,000 Armani suit fell to the dirty tile floor along with the cell phone. Jordan sighed and knelt down. She loaded everything the vampire was wearing, into the trash bin, and then grabbed her clothes. She stepped out of the bathroom to see a brand new patrol car, Paul’s patrol car, waiting for her.

“Come on! We got to get you in uniform before Jona flips her shit!” Paul said with a smile.
“Now you’re catching on!” Jordan giggled.
“What do you mean?”
“You never would have said ‘flip her shit’ before you met me.

Jordan finished her second smoothie after she stepped back into the squad car and left the police station with Paul. She sighed as the enjoyed the new smoothie. Paul looked at her and shook his head a little.
“What?” Jordan asked.
“Just getting used to your new haircut.”
“Do you like it?” Jordan wondered as she finished the rest of her drink.
“It’s better than the pigtails. But…”
Paul shook his head and looked back on the street. Jordan giggled and playfully knuckle punched him in the shoulder.
“Nothing! Don’t worry. It doesn’t even matter!” Paul laughed.
“You’re going to tell me before the nights over!”

Detective Jessica Lu arrived on scene with her partner, Detective Manuel Hernandez. Manuel looked up at the car dealership sign, “West Coast Infinity”.

Jessica looked at the car as coroners and CSI catalogued the various bullet casings and pieces of shattered glass laying around the vehicle that was yet to be sold, and probably a vehicle that never will be. One of the other officers called for Manuel and Jessica. Jessica leaned forward to see what the officer was pointing at.
“Looks like someone caught him in the middle of trying to boost the car… He’s got lock picks, and bolt cutters in the back.” The officer said.
“Mmm,” Manuel rubbed his chin, looking thoughtful as he scanned the steering wheel section. “Key’s already in it though.”
“That’s because these new cars are impossible to jack. He had to get the keys from inside first and he somehow knew how to bypass the alarm system on the lot.” Jessica explained. “Have the labs dust for prints inside the dealership and contact the owners. If he locked the doors back, we don’t want to be busting in. We need to pull the security tapes as well.”
“Hey…” Manuel said while pulling out his phone. “Isn’t that the guy on video that, that girl you hate collared earlier today?”
“How do you know about what she’s up to?”
Manuel smiled his cell phone out of his pocket and tapped the video. Jessica watched with him as Jordan’s takedown video played through. She looked over the top of the screen to the dead man in the car.
“Yeah – yeah, that’s him alright. Are they on shift?”
“I’ll call them over here if they are.”
“No!” Jessica shook her head.
“But it’s protocol,” Manuel said as he raised his eyebrow at his partner. “Anyone involved. This girl brought him in today, so we have to interview.”
Jessica sighed and shook her head, “Alright… Alright – goddamnit…” She almost whimpered. “I hate that girl… So, so much!”
Manuel patted his partner on her shoulder and comforted her as she pulled her cell phone out to call Jona.

Paul just put his cell phone down and called ‘Ten-Six’ on his radio for their unit. Jordan looked over to her partner and boyfriend.
“What is it?”
“Remember some guy you caught on a shoplifting charge during your day shift?”
“Yeah!” Jordan replied happily.
“He’s dead; murdered in a car dealership. We have to go there and give a statement.”
“Oh…” Jordan sighed. “That’s weird.”
“Shit…” Paul gripped the steering wheel.
“Aren’t you going to run code?” Jordan asked, regarding lights and siren.
“I’m in no hurry to see those assholes, are you?”
“Jessica and Manuel?”
“Those assholes,” Paul confirmed.
“Oh yeah, let’s do the speed limit.”
“Less than!” Paul said with a chuckle.

The twenty minutes didn’t seem long enough when they pulled on scene. Jessica Lu and Manuel Hernandez were both leaned against the hood of their car with their arms crossed as if impatiently waiting. Jordan found some fun in their displeasure. She waved her hand happily at them as if greeting good friends before Paul parked the car on the side of the road and turned his lightbar on.

“Officer Cyrus,” Jessica sighed as she looked to Paul. “Why were you wasting my time?”
“It wasn’t an emergency, Detective. Nobody told me to ninety-seven with code.” Paul spread his arms wide and shook his head as if not understanding why he was being accused of anything. Jordan stepped out of the car and smiled.
“Oh,” Jessica nodded and stared daggers into Paul. “.. I’ll make note that you aren’t smart enough to understand common sense, for next time. Okay! So, you can go – I’m going to be talking to your partner for a while.” She pointed back toward the car. Paul crossed his arms.
“My partner.”
“I’m your superior officer. Over there!”
Paul looked to Jordan and she smiled and nodded back to him to let him know it was okay.
“Don’t drink any of my smoothies.”
Paul mimicked a gag reflex as he walked away from Jordan. She giggled as she watched him wait by their patrol car. Jessica looked eye to eye with Jordan and squinted at her.
“Anything you want to tell me?”
“You read the report. We got called on a Signal Thirty-Three, Officer Blake Shanks and I responded. He backed me up in the chase while I pursued on foot. I caught him a few blocks later. Shanks booked him in and I was with Sergeant Sanchez for a double-duty request at the time. As for the rest —,” Jordan looked over to the blood spattered car. “I don’t know about his day after that but I know it didn’t end well.”
“This case isn’t going to end when the sun goes down,” Jessica said. “You managed to catch this guy one time. I’ll send any information I get to you and you can coordinate with our supervisor in the morning and she’ll get it to me. I want you with me on this when we find someone I like for the crime. Day or night. Don’t fuck this opportunity up. I’m giving you a chance.”
Manuel blinked in disbelief as he watched Jessica go easy on the girl that pissed her off so thoroughly. Jordan jumped up and down after the detective handed over her contact information. Jessica pushed the girl away when she tried to hug. Jordan ran off toward Paul to tell him the good news.
“Quick! Get a magnifying glass, we’re detectives for the night!” She screamed happily and skipped toward the car. Manuel and Jessica both found themselves with dropped jaws and raised eyebrows as they witnessed the girl jump into Paul’s squad car and drive off. They waited until they turned their lightbar off before they spoke between themselves.
“Whatever is wrong with that chica is no little thing,” Manuel stated.
“Fuckin’ A…” Jessica concurred. She crossed her arms and sighed. “Her mothers a detective in New York. Maybe there’s more to this girl than meets the eye.”
“Not much of her to meet the eye at all.” Manuel said that with a chuckle.
“Send what we got to her. I want to see what happens.”

“One Echo Four Ten Six with Investigation.” Paul hardly ever got to say that over the radio but it felt good to actually say it. Unless there was an officer involved shooting, or similar catastrophe, they were cleared of all other duties while they were actively investigating. The vehicle was their office and the two officers swapped back and fourth, swinging the Panasonic Toughbook computer between the each other.

“Kay, so… On his last booking, he was arrested with Ramon Rodriguez, and Hector Garcia for grand theft auto using a bait car – lame…” Jordan giggled a little as she ran through the rap sheet of the man that got all shot up; the same man that Jordan captured earlier in the day when she was working with Blake.

“Check out his known accomplices.” Paul said.
“I never would have thought of that.” Jordan giggled.
“Can I come over tonight after shift? I put a change of clothes in the back.”
“Hey!” Jordan said accusingly, “I NEVER got to see your house yet.”
“But did you bring a set of spare clothes – or Smoothies?”
Jordan sighed and shook her head. “Okay, my house tonight. Hey… lookie.” She swung the Toughbook over to the drivers side so that Paul could take a look at the screen.

“Wanted in connection with knocking over a high stakes card game earlier this month.”
“Who’s the card game ran by ya think?”
“The Ballerz Gang.”
“Yay! We get to question the Ballerz!” Jordan giggled.
“I’d like to see you try!” Paul sighed. “You might be immortal but last time I checked, I’m allergic to bullets. Let’s get a proper team together and breach the place.”
“Like they’ll tell us anything if we did that?!” Jordan shook her head.
“You got a better idea?”
“As a matter of fact, I do!”


Dressed in civilian clothes that consisted of an L.A. Lakers jersey over a white tee, and a pair of black shorts and a backpack, Jordan considered herself “Under Cover”. She hoped that Paul would be understanding and stay back while she moved in and found the site of the last card game that got knocked over. She had never done this before but thought it would be fun to give it a try. She stepped into the Liquor store off of Whittier Boulevard. Two store clerks instantly yelled at her to get out. Jordan pulled a thousand dollars out of her backpack and waved it at them.
“I’m not here for the liquor!” She said. “I’m not twenty-one yet… I’m here for the other stuff! I heard from someone that this was the place to come for placing bets.” She of course wouldn’t tell the clerks that she knew it from the rap sheets.
“Who told you this?” A huge, musclebound black man asked as he grabbed her cash.
“Does it matter. I’m obviously not a cop.” The girl giggled. It was the one thing that she could get away with that nobody else could do; anyone else would instantly be made as a potential officer because nobody, no matter what police department, or federal agency, would send someone that looked as young as her, to do something as dangerous as what she was doing. Still, the man was curious.
“I don’t care what I think you are. You aren’t going to be doing shit with us until I know who you heard it from because I ain’t never seen you before!”
“Okay… Okay… So, you really want to know?”Jordan could smell the weed coming from the back room and started making up a story. “I was getting something to smoke, right… And – one of my friends, drunk friends, told us about this place while we were on the beach. So I grabbed some cash and thought, I’d try and double it.”
“Who’s the friend?”
“He told me not to tell you who he was!” Jordan exclaimed.
“Well, you’re going to tell us.” The black man said. His Hispanic friend walked up behind him and grabbed Jordan by her jersey and pulled her close. His breath wreaked of cigar and Doritos. Jordan pretended to be scared as she looked away and shivered.
“We can’t have drunk people just telling people where we are. So, you’re gonna tell us who told you, so we don’t have to have twelve year olds coming into the liquor store asking to play games with the big boys.”
“Okay! So… Maybe I didn’t think this all the way through. How about, you let me go, and we’ll forget this never happened, okay?”
They grabbed Jordan and pulled her into the back room, past a group of people playing cards, and into a back office beyond. Behind the desk of that office was a man monitoring cameras. He looked Italian, in his late forties, with cold blue eyes that would probably be scary to a mortal, and short black hair. The black man forced Jordan into a chair parallel to the Italian’s desk.
“What the fuck is this?” He asked the black guy.
“She claims someone on the beach got drunk and told her where the games were being held.”
“Oh for real?” The Italian said.
“Well, just ask her who she learned it from and where to find em’ and, I guess, that’s that.”
“She won’t tell us anything.”
Jordan nodded at the black man and then smiled at the Italian that seemed to be running things. The Italian seemed dumbfounded that she wasn’t scared enough already.
“Yep! Because my friend told me not to tell you his name. Also, I need my money back and I’ll be on my way. You people are like, super rude!” Jordan said. She couldn’t help but giggle a little. Her facade of being scared easily fell away to reveal how excited she was to be trolling a bunch of criminals.
“Leave us and close the door.” The Italian leaned back in his chair and stared at her with a serious gaze. Jordan looked at the man a moment and then held out her hand.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Jordan said.
“How old are you?”
“Eighteen, going on nineteen.”
“That’s bullshit. You’re more like, twelve, or thirteen… I don’t like liars. Try again.”
“Uh,” Jordan shrugged her shoulders and crossed her legs in the chair as she stared at him. “… I really am eighteen.”
“No… You’re not.” Jordan saw the Italian’s fist moving toward her face but she did nothing to block it. The impact was painful and her head flew back and hit the wall. This is where Jordan pretended to be scared again. She bit her lip so that it would appear that she was hurt from the impact. Even where she bit her lip, the injury healed almost immediately, but she managed to force some blood out of her mouth by doing so. She hid her face and pretended to cry.
“Don’t lie to me girl… Don’t you ever lie to me… Now… Your name, your friends name, and the name of the drunk sonofabitch that told you guys where you could find us and what it was that we were doing. I want it now, and if you don’t tell me, or if you lie to me again, so help me god, I’m going to put you through that fucking brick wall behind you.”

Jordan wiped her eyes and shook her head.

“But you don’t understand!” She said. “My name is Jordan, okay? But my friend told me that I can’t tell you his name. Because I promised.”

The Italian stepped out of his chair and grabbed Jordan by the neck and pushed her into the concrete wall. Jordan kept her eyes open but went limp while the Italian man squeezed her against the wall. Pretending to be dead was an easy thing to do when you had no pulse. The Italian kept slamming her against the wall by her neck over and over.

“You’re going to tell me everything or so help me!”
His expression changed when he looked into the lifeless eyes of the girl he slammed against the wall. He let her go and she fell like a ragdoll onto the floor. He grabbed her by her short blonde hair and straightened her body out before pressing his fingers to her neck.
“Shit…” He gasped and stood up.
He stood there for what seemed like ten minutes before finally stepping out of the door and locking it behind him. That’s when Jordan got up and sat behind his computer. She activated his remote desktop and grabbed a pen. She pulled her sock down and wrote his IP Address on her ankle. She quickly laid down in the same position she was left and pretended to be dead again.

The door opened a few minutes later and the Italian started spewing off names.
“Get Rick and Jonah to take the body to the closest beach and drop her body right off on the sand. If we can’t figure out who the hell it was that told us where the operation is, we can at least send a very clear message.” The Italian said. He picked her up placed her into a large trash bag and then checked her backpack. “There’s nothing in here… Okay.” He took the bag and threw it in with the corpse. The Italian left the office and locked the door. Jordan took the time to relax and go to sleep. The door opened again and she felt hands on her through the trash bag as they lifted her up and pulled her out the door and down the hallway. She felt as if she were thrown through the air and the next thing she knew, she landed on something solid. The sound of an engine starting up indicated that she was in the back of a car or a van.

The ride to the beach was long since they made sure to travel under the speed limit to Long Beach. In that time, she pulled her cell phone out and left it in the corner of the van. They threw her out of the van and onto the sand thinking she was dead weight not too much later. As the drove off, she sat up and memorized the license plate.

“Whoa… You like, need to choose your friends more wisely. That was far out!”
Jordan turned to see who it was that was talking to her. Leon stood there with his surf-board in hand, a joint in his mouth, and a cell phone in his hand. “I like — got the whole thing on here, man… And I’m never using Uber ever again!”

“You got the footage?!” Jordan screamed happily and sprung up from the sand. She hopped over and leaned in front of his shoulders to look at the replay, which included license-plate and all. Jordan took the phone and texted the video to Paul with a note to pick her up in the message.
“Like, you’re welcome girl… When we goin surfing? It’s low tide right now.”
“Tomorrow?” Jordan asked. “I have a few killers to catch….”
“Yeah — see ya around…” Leon stumbled away with his surfboard and phone while Jordan ran across the street. He put the phone to his ear.
“Yeah, dude! Don’t get any uber drivers. They throw people out of vans. Totally uncool man…”

Paul, Jordan, Jessica, Manuel and Jona ended up in the police station that morning. Jordan explained the process of scoping out the place that ran illegal games in the back rooms and she showed the video that Leon took on the projector in order to get the license plate. She could tell that Jona was none too excited to see that Jordan put herself in harms way in order to get precious information for Jessica Lu. Paul stepped in when he also saw a look of concern on Jona’s face.
“I was watching her the whole time,” Paul said.
“Really?” Jona asked with a laugh. “Then… Why was it that you were fifteen miles away leaving the rest of the surveillance to some surfer dude’s cell phone in Long Beach?” Jona was a smart woman and she didn’t have to study bullshit when it landed at her feet. Paul rubbed his chin as if ready to give a reasonable response.
“I got nothing…”

Lu sighed and tapped the screen in front of Jona’s desk. He eyed Jona and then swung his gaze back to Jordan really quickly before returning to Jona and speaking before she could speak.

“Let’s focus on this though. We got two guys here for aggravated assault. I don’t know if we can push attempted murder. They just dropped you off at the beach. However, kidnaping charges are good enough to secure a warrant. But I want to push this further.”

Jordan leaned down and copied the IP Address of the game-runner’s computer at the liquor store onto a pad and handed it to Jona.
“Get your techie Geeks to track down this address when the warrant is secured. It’s to their computer. I shared the hard drive on their network so once in, you should have the whole compy!” Jordan smiled and bounced on her tip-toes.
Manuel leaned over and whispered in Jessica’s ear.
“Is it just me or did you save Jordan some grief?”
Jessica responded by elbowing Manuel slightly and holding back a hint of a smile.

Jordan noticed the nudge and her super-vampire hearing picked up the whispers and she too, tried to hold back the smile. Jona was still glaring at her though.

“Alright. Well, you’re now in the background of the investigation now that they think you’re dead. We will need you to prosecute if we can’t find any information that leads us to the murder charge of that asshole you arrested the other day.”

“We want him for the murder charge, eventually. This will hold them down long enough for us to gather more evidence while we search.” Jessica said.

“No shit.” Jona said. “Something is better than nothing though and as much as Jordan did to get information out of them, risking her life in the process, might I add, it wasn’t enough to get them to confess anything.”

“You’re back on patrol, Jordan. With a two day suspension for pulling this stunt. I have to do something to reflect that I’ve reacted to the craziness that you’ve pulled. Paul is getting the same.” Jona said. “This is an unwritten two day suspension. It’s just something that will go down in your files if internal affairs wants a piece of this. I doubt they will considering they don’t know about it and keep it that way, ladies and gentlemen.” Jona stood up from her desk and pointed toward the door.

The next day, Jordan was at the beach. It would be the first full, free ‘day’ she ever had since she was killed at thirteen by a mobster. Leon, the surfer-dude showed up in his wetsuit. His long shoulder length blonde hair waved in the wind. He hadn’t had a chance to get wet yet and she happily waved at the young man. Carl smiled and nodded at her.

She’d always wanted to learn how to surf and today, she’d learn some more.