Strange Nights

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Welcome to the Strange Nights Series

Strange Nights is a free monthly updated series that has been active since January of 2011. Our most active author, B.A. Holland kindly contributes this story free as a first-draft submission while he works on his other projects. The story centers around a group of Vampires in NYC that spend their time using their vampiric powers to cause all kinds of vampdouschery. With several plots opened for all the characters, nobody quite knows where the heck this story is headed but despite the grammar errors of a first draft frenzy, it is a source of free entertainment.

The author freely invites not only readers to this literary debacle, but interactive insight as well. It only takes one e-mail to with a request. Who knows, your thoughts may influence the story. There is hardly an author on this planet that would allow such insane manipulation to be put to page!

If you love vampire stories and love a bit of comedy, it’s time to put a little STRANGE into your NIGHTS.


Strange Nights Facts:

* Gothic/Horror/Comedy Genre
* Intended for Mature Audiences
* Written By: B.A. Holland
* Most content is of first-draft quality
* One of the few stories where readers can influence the turn of events by contacting the author directly at

This story is written in first-draft in order to facilitate speedy updates and is just for fun!