Season Four– Episode 1 – “Transfer”


Copyright © 2016
Abyssal Books
By B.A. Holland

Chapter One

“No way in hell is she nineteen,” Sanchez said as she looked over her monitor toward the little girl in pigtails. “I’ve been on the beat too long, and been in the department way too long to know bullshit when it lands in front of me, and that, sir, is bullshit.”

“Actually,” the Police Commissioner from NYPD corrected through their Skype conversation on the computer, “She’s a fine officer with over thirty-six collars, and she took down one of this city’s major drug operations. She’s saved countless lives and I put her up for a commendation.”

“I’ll see how good she is, myself, thank you, very much.” Jona Sanchez said. She may have been a sergeant, but she didn’t work for the police commissioner of New York City and she wanted to let him know that. The forty-five year old still had a full head of dark black hair, and kept up with fit appearance. The commissioner may have been thrown off by that, and she used it to her advantage.

“Her hours are short,” she said. “Do you know how much it costs to even find a place here?”
“Sergeant,” the commissioner said. “She requested Compton for a reason…”
“Oh, so that’s how you see my home?”
“That’s not what I meant!”
She reached forward and tapped the sudden sound of the computer’s hard drive winding down followed the immediate flash of the computer monitor. A uniformed LAPD officer on the other side of the desk chuckled.
“What?” Jona said. “Yeah, I hung up on the Commissioner of the New York PD. Get over it.”
The young twenty year old rookie shook his head and kept the grin.
“I just hope you don’t do that to your computer all the time. That’s really bad for it.”
“Officer Cyrus, I don’t give a shit.” Jona shook her head and raised her arm in the air and motioned for the new transfer to come in. The door opened and a happy-go-lucky blonde girl skipped into the room. The officer looked at her and took in her size; four foot, eleven inches tall, roughly ninety pounds with pigtailed blonde hair wearing a pink Hello-Kitty shirt and bluejeans.

“Officer McKenzie reporting for duty, Sergeant.” Jona and Officer Cyrus looked at the girl with raised eyebrows. The sergeant shook her head.

“You look like you lost your parents,” Jona said.
“Uh, skuze me?” Katie’s upward inflection did no help in making her sound like an adult; her high pitched voice was already making the Sergeants ears ring.
“You heard me… I’m still trying to figure you out. Do you know Compton is the most dangerous part of Los Angeles. I need officers built like Diesel and instead, I keep getting rookies that look like toothpicks,” Jona pointed to Cyrus, “… and transfers that look like – Twelve.”

Jordan let out a sigh as she sat down.
“I want people that have military experience and the willingness to work sixteen hour shifts. What’s this shit about you coming in at 18:40 working until 7:15 hours? Why not 18:00 to 07:00?”

“You’ll still get thirteen hours out of me! Isn’t that nice?” Jordan smiled out of one side of her lips while trying not to grind her teeth.

“So, busted a whole drug ring, they say?” Jona leaned back in her chair.
“Yep.” Jordan said.

“I wanted to pair you up with one of my experienced officers, but we have none to spare in this department. I expect you to leave all that behind and act like someone willing to learn, can you do that, Officer McKenzie?” Jona’s voice became calm and more level toned. There was a hint of doubt carried on the waves of her vocals as she lightly rocked back and fourth in her chair. Jordan could see the sneer of judgement in her new bosses micro expressions. Nevertheless, she leaned forward into her drawer and slid a silver badge numbered 4991 across the desk. Jordan stepped forward and pulled the plastic off of the badge. “You keep that with you at all times,” Jonah said. “You only get one of them. If you lose it, it’s as severe as if you lost your gun in the line… And speaking of your sidearm…” She reached into her desk and pulled out a case for a brand new Glock 17 Gen 4 out of it. “Serial Number FMM170… All parts are factory. If one part is swapped, missing, or otherwise not matching this serial number, there better be a repair report or else the only posting you will ever be able to get is back with your father’s Sheriff department in Bancroft, Iowa…”

Jordan nodded and took the badge, and the case.

“Gear up. Get your Taser, Radio, and Computer from requisitions… Go…” Jordan let out a short, childish giggle. The Sergeant shook her head disapprovingly. “Your uniforms are in Locker 91… Take care of them. We had to get them from the damned kids aisle at Toys R’ Us.”

The rookie tried his best not to laugh.
“Wait for her outside the locker room. Go!”

Jordan smiled gleefully as she exited the requisitions room with the rest of her gear. Paul stood in front of the little girl and didn’t say much. She looked like a pale little girl dressed up for Halloween. Nobody would take her seriously; she would never be capable of having his back in a conflict – and they were in Compton. Jordan’s smile diminished when she saw the look on her new partners face. Her boney shoulders slumped and she looked more toward her feet than anywhere else around her.

“You don’t like me,” Jordan said.
“I never said that,” Paul defended as they turned to walk to the garage together.
“It’s written all over your face. Why?”
“Not that you’re a woman, okay… It’s just…”
“I’m small, and tiny, and – micro!” Jordan decided to help with Paul’s explanation.
“Yeah, sorry.” Paul said.
“Give me a chance?” Jordan jumped in front of him and held out her hand.
Paul sighed and walked around her.
“One chance is all it takes out here.”
“Hey!” Jordan squeaked. “I’m from New York!”
“You haven’t seen nothing yet then, rookie…”

Jordan noticed that Paul was quick to take them directly into gang territory. She figured it was him wanting to show off his bravery to his new partner. Jordan didn’t mind. She looked out the windows and imagined she were in the Bronx of New York and everything seemed just fine.

“So, you got a place around here, huh?” Paul asked while driving. Jordan worried that she had been quiet in the car too long.
“Uh, yeah. I found someone willing to rent a place out to me for eight-hundred.”
“Eight Hundred? Must be a shithole,” Paul said.
“Yeah, but it’s my place!” Jordan happily declared. Jordan’s grin soon dropped. “Did you hear that?” She leaned forward in her seat and rolled the window down.
“What is it?”
“Screaming… Turn around!”
“How can you hear screaming with the air on max, the windows up?”
“Does it matter?” Jordan asked.
Paul turned the vehicle around and keyed the mic on his radio.
“One Echo Four One ten six, investigating a noise disturbance.”
“Ten Six One Echo Four Six at nineteen-hundred. Noise complaint at the twelve-hundred block of Los Treyas Avenue.” The female dispatcher replied almost instantly after pinging their location.
“Stop here,” Jordan said.
“Jordan, this is not a place you want to get out and stop.”
“Stop here!”

The black and white police cruiser stopped at the sidewalk and Jordan stepped out of the passenger seat. Paul stepped out and looked around. While his partner was focused on some scream she heard, he was more concerned about their surroundings. He pointed to the wall of the building behind her.
“That’s a Los Santos tag. They own this block.” He was about to tell her to get into the car but that’s when he heard a scream too. Jordan pointed and took off in a jog. Paul ran as well. Jordan blew past a few gang members and kept an even pace. Paul lost track of his pacing and began to pant and gasp for air after a block of running. Slowing down, he watched as his partner vanished around a corner.
“Slow down and let me catch up,” he said as he squeezed the transmit button on his shoulder mic.
“Understood… She’s on the third floor over here.”
“Fifty-One,” Paul acknowledged. He fought the temptation to stay standing there to catch his breath and willed his legs to keep running now. Jordan was waiting on him as requested. He bent over his knees when he finally caught up to her. He wheezed and spat on the ground just to clear his airways. “Holy shit, girl… What, did you run a lot in NYC?”
“Yeah,” Jordan said. “It was the only way to catch all the fast baddies.”
Jordan crossed the street to an apartment complex with a buzz-in board. After announcing herself as NYPD to the only three tenants that answered, none of them bothered to buzz her in.
“We don’t need a warrant, we can’t get in and there’s signs of distress, so… Let me get back to the cruiser for the bolt cutters.”
Jordan stepped back out into the street and looked up at the building.
“I could climb it, and buzz you in.”

The building mushroomed out to where the second floor was the awning for the street level which made it nearly impossible for anyone to climb.
“Jordan, this building is designed so that people couldn’t just climb into it and break into people’s apartments.”
“Hey, I’m from New York!” Jordan said. She jumped on top of a set of mail boxes and then jumped from the mailboxes to the top lining of the doorframe that led to the lobby. The door frame only had about three inches worth of material for her to gain purchase of with her shoes. Just as she was about to fall, she pushed off with her legs and grappled onto the underside of the second floor that flowed out toward the street; dangling by just her fingertips.
“New York or not, girl… There’s no freaking way you can hold on. Give up. I’ll call backup.” He watched as her feet dangled mere inches above his head. He tapped the sides of her shoes as she swung.
“Relax!” Jordan said. She let go with one hand and swung her body over a few feet and her fingers gained traction onto the X-like patterns under the walls. “I got this!” She swung a few more feet, and it was then that Paul realized that she was actually traveling closer to the street. He opened his mouth as he watched her swing by just her fingertips every other second.

“Alright-alright! Yeah! Damn girl!” Paul laughed in disbelief He ran out to the street and looked up over the edge. The sides of the walls that led up to the second floor balcony were flat cobblestone. “What are you going to do when you get to that flat stone wall though?”

Jordan saw what Paul was talking about as she held on by her ten fingers to the last impossible bit of traction her hands could get. Paul stood ready to catch his surprising partner. But instead of dropping into his arms, Jordan faced the street and pulled her legs inward She did a pull-up using just her fingertips and then swung her body around, holding her angle and then pushing up on her wrist until her legs were up, over the side of the outer edge. Her partner held his arms out to catch her when her fingers let go of the ceiling.

She didn’t fall…

After the initial what the heck moment, Paul leaned out from under the overhang to see that Jordan was rubbing her fingers as she dangled upside-down from the lip of the building with her face pressed against the side of the stone. Paul blinked a few times in disbelief.

“Okay, that’s impressive as hell, girl, but, what are you going to do now?”
“I’m thinkie!” Jordan’s voice replied, muffled due to the fact that her face was pushed into the side of a building. Jordan shuffled her feet, hooking it along the edge of the balcony until she dangled upside-down next to a crack in the wall. She carefully reached into her tool belt for her ASP baton. Paul flinched as she swung it out fast to extend it. She then stuck it into the crack in the wall and carefully used it as leverage to push her up high enough to wrap her knee around the outer railing of the balcony. She then swung her body to the side and caught the railing with her left hand and pulled herself over.

“Holy shit, Jordan!”

Jordan rolled over onto the balcony of the first floor and tried the sliding door. It wouldn’t open, but Jordan just pulled hard enough until the lock broke. Paul heard the buzz-in at the door and ran for it. Once inside, he met back up with his partner and they ran to the third floor together.

The door to the apartment was open and inside was a woman in her twenties. Jordan focused on the floor while Paul checked on the woman in the apartment. He called for an ambulance while Jordan left the room for another room down the hallway. She knocked on the door and a group of people wearing blue and yellow bandannas opened up for her.

“So! Which one of you is going to jail, today?”
The Latino gangsters laughed. “That vato ratted and let you pigs in? How old are you?”
“Old enough to kick your ass!” Jordan said. “Unless you tell me who is responsible for that assault which tracked her blood from her room, all the way to yours, I will take all of you in for bunches of questions!” Paul showed up behind her and went pale as he saw his little partner calling out a room full of Los Santos’.
“Guys, calm down.” Regardless of his fear, he had her back.
“It’s you guys ain’t seem calm essay’. Why don’t you take your little daughter and get the fuck out of here, eh… Tell her t’ quit playing po-po n’ get a decent job when she finishes middle school.”
“I guess that’s why you couldn’t get a decent job,” Jordan said, “you couldn’t cut it in middle school.”
“Homes, you better control your bitch or I’ll have to do something about it.”
“Jordan,” Paul said. “Come on. We need to be there to buzz in the EMT’s.”
“She don’t need no EMT’s,” said the fat, bald gang leader. “She needs for you two to leave. That’s what she wants.”
“She needs EMT’s,” Jordan said, “And she needs you guys to go screw yourselves.”
Jordan looked to Paul.
“If you go take care of the girl, I’ll handle this situation.”
“What?!” Paul said.
“Go, I got this!”
“Eeehy, you heard her, homes. You go.. She’s got this!” One of the other gang members said in a taunting tone. Everyone inside the apartment laughed at the two officers. Jordan pushed at Paul.
“Jordan! What the hell are you doing?”
Outgunned and outmatched, Paul knew he couldn’t do anything to stop it. He watched as Jordan, the little ninety pound blonde girl pushed herself into their apartment, and the gangsters shut the reinforced door between him and the girl he fully assumed he’d never see alive again.
“Fuck…” Paul clicked his radio. “I’m going to need all the units you can spare to my location.” Paul kicked the door but it wouldn’t budge. He could hear fighting and yelling on the other end of the door. “Jordan!” He screamed her name and almost started to cry as he pulled his gun out to shoot the lock. There was a sudden silence, and the door opened. He quickly aimed his gun away when Jordan emerged. Confused, he shook his head at her.

“You didn’t trust me,” Jordan said.
Jordan pushed the door the rest of the way open. On the floor were several men, bound and tied with twisted trash bags.
“Check on the girl!” Jordan said.
Paul snapped out of his trance and checked on the girl. This time, Jordan clicked the mic.
“All is Code 4, need an ambulance, as well as transport for five suspects.”
Paul checked the other room and let the gag out of the woman’s mouth.
“It’s okay… We’re here to help you.”

Outside, the ambulance drove off and the detectives arrived to take over the scene. Jordan looked at them; one hispanic guy that seemed like he was addicted to the Gym, and a thin skinny Asian woman with resting-bitchface. Jordan didn’t know what to expect but if the predictions she made were correct, they’d be doing everything they could to try and yank their collar out from under them with some technicality. Resting-bitchface walked over to her and started tapping away at a tablet while Jordan stood there, looking up at her.

“Jordan… McKenzie… First day on the job.” It was a statement, not a question. Jordan could smell the many layers of spiteful emotion as if it were a scent; for her, it actually was. “… gained access through — a locked door that required the tenants to buzz you in. You failed to mention which tenant allowed you access.” The Asian woman tapped the top of her tablet as if it were a signal for her to start talking.

“Actually,” Jordan said. “I managed to get to the second floor balcony and buzz my partner in. It wasn’t easy but I thinkie it was adrenaline. Or — something like that,” Jordan replied nervously. She wasn’t sure if it would be too much for a detective to pass over without asking for a demonstration. She just knew that she had to tell the truth because her partner would be repeating everything he saw happened without asking her if it was okay to point out the fact that she monkey-climbed her way to the second floor.

“What made you think it was acceptable to violate the fourth amendment rights of the apartment tenant on the second floor in order to facilitate the rescue of the subject in question on the third floor?” The Asian squinted at her.

“There was a woman in trouble. We saved her life.”
Jordan sighed and put her hands on her hips just above her gun and her radio while she looked up at her.

“So, you unlawfully broke into, and entered the apartment of neither the tenant, nor the suspects, in order to save their life. Officer McKenzie, do you understand that, if this is to go to court, you will be forced to answer these questions?”
“Yes, but her life was in danger,” Jordan said.
“And because of your actions, more lives will be in danger because we can’t press charges on the state level now due to your inability to arrest subjects in a lawful manner.”
“Oooookayy…” Jordan said. “All you had to do was say thank you for saving someone’s life.”
The Asian girl laughed at the little girl and shook her head.
“You don’t understand at all, do you? You botched the case.”
Jordan took a swift step forward and almost put her chin into the Asian detectives collar bone because it was the closest she could get to ‘in her face’ she could get.
“Maybe it’s been so long since you’ve worked the beat that you forgot the difference between the importance of saving someone’s life and developing a solid case.”
“Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t doing the right thing!” The Asian said.
“Don’t get all buttery with the language, tell me how you really feel! You’re saying, if I just buzzed all the apartment tenants in hopes of being let in, someone would lose their life and you would have a lawful case! You MEANIE!”

The Asian raised her finger at her as if she was a disobedient child.
“Stand down, officer!”
“Nope!” Jordan defied.
Jordan suddenly felt a set of arms wrap around her. Her partner was pulling her out of the Asian girls face. Meanwhile the Latino started yelling obscenities at the girl, to which Jordan recommended to eat a taco.
“Jordan!” Paul snapped her out of her momentary rage. “Just let them be. Come on. We’re going back 10-8.”
“We’re going to talk to your sergeant about you,” the Latino said.
“And I’ll let your gym trainer know you need to lay off the steroids!” Jordan chirped just before Paul pushed her head into the front seat of the patrol car he pulled around for her. He shut the door and shrugged his shoulders at the detectives.
“Get your partner under control, or we will, officer…” The Asian pointed at the car.

“Oh shit,” Paul sighed. He looked over to the little blonde cop in the passenger seat. Her pigtails were swinging side to side as she mocked the Latino detective.
“Werr Gurna Tur Tu’ Sergserg Abrt Yer… Bla bla fuckity fuck,” Jordan mocked.
“Jordan!” Paul yelled as he put the car into drive in an effort to get her away from the detectives as fast as humanly possible. “You don’t screw with her. Detective Lu is a Sergeant, Hernandez is a Sergeant!”
Jordan rolled her eyes and shook her head, “I’ve dealt with the type. They’re too hooked on the law to understand that sometimes, saving a life means so much more. You can’t let it get in the way of keeping someone breathing!”
“Yeah, but you could just say I’m sorry and leave it at that!” Paul emphasized the I’m Sorry by sprouting imaginary pigtails out of his head with his fingers. Jordan nodded.
“That would have taken all the fun out of the encounter!”
“Fun?! You’ll see how fun that was at the beginning of tomorrow’s shift when we have to explain this stuff to our sergeant!”
Jordan held her hand out toward the windshield and swept it from left to right while holding an imaginary phone to her head with her other.
“… and watch me bitch… And watch me nag-nag… Bitch, bitch, and watch me nag-nag…” She started beat-boxing but that was short lived when Paul’s hand slapped her just behind the pigtails.
“Are you sure you aren’t a kid?”
Paul rolled his eyes as Jordan stuck her tongue out at him.
“Okay, so… That whole climbing routine you do…”
“Just takes a little practice is all. Even you can do it!”
“That’s a load of dung,” Paul said.
“Uh-huh,” Jordan said. “Okay, if you don’t believe me, you’ll never be able to climb. I hear there are bunches of awesome mountains in Northern California. I’ll just have to visit them myself!”
“Are you hungry?”
“I brought my own smoothie in the trunk.”
Paul looked at her and shook his head. He smiled as he looked away from her a moment and then back again.
“No wonder you look so tiny. Please, don’t tell me you’re a vegetarian.”
“Nope. I just like smoothies.”

Detective Jessica Lu looked over the Latino gangster who was chained to the interrogation table with handcuffs. He was bald, with teardrop tattoos on the right side of his cheek. His wife-beater had some blood on it but it was probably due to the beating he received when he tried to attack Officer McKenzie. He kept his eyes fixated on her with a knowing grin. Lu grinded her teeth as she sat down opposite the man and crossed her arms. He was probably going to be out thanks to his lawyer and the actions of the police officers. Lu was at the point to where she’d rather see an innocent person die if it meant actually having charges stick to the man, and those thoughts played with her conscience as she stared at him; it was part of what made her so pissed off — his existence negated her ethics because all she wanted to do was see him rot in prison.

“Hector Ramirez, we have officers that state you kidnapped, gagged, and tied a woman up in the apartment unit across from yours. These are serious allegations put forth by our uniformed division. I’m thinking, if you talk now, I can put in a good word to the judge, and maybe we can have your sentence reduced; perhaps, even further if you were to give us a little information on the side, if you know what I mean?” Jessica Lu knew that this would go nowhere but she had to do her job.

Hector chuckled and leaned over the metal table.
“I can give you a little something on the side, detective… Maybe it will convince you to reduce my sentence based on good performance.”

It was times like these, that Detective Lu understood why guns weren’t allowed when in the precinct while questioning suspects. There was serious pink mist to be had in the interrogation room but Detective Lu’s holster was as empty as her wishes. She had to rely on harsh language instead.

“Let me get this straight. You’re willing to do a ten year sentence for your boss when we can provide you with a new name, new location, and money to do whatever you want just to rat out your gang.”

“Chika, we don’t rat. And you don’t got nothing on me, so, I’m not going to jail.”
“Oh, so, you’re going to tell your buddies that you got your ass kicked by a little girl and use that as your legal defense at getting out of your crimes?”
“What are you talking about?” Hector leaned to the side and looked the detective up and down as if she were so crazy that she didn’t actually make a coherent sentence.
“My officer had to go break the law by accessing an apartment to get to that woman you tied up. So, in order to get completely off the hook,” Jessica leaned over the table, whispering to him through a sly grin. “… you have to admit that you got your asses kicked by a four foot nothing little girl. What kind of incompetent gangsta’s are you? Getting your asses kicked by a little girl. What are you good for?”
“Go fuck yourself, chicka!”
The door opened to a man in a cheap suit.
“Don’t say another word. And Hector,” he added, “… you got an unlawful beatdown by one of their officers. Nobody has to know who it was, what gender they were, or their size. Lu’s just trying to sucker you into incriminating yourself without a lawyer present.” He turned to the detective, “are you charging my client with anything at this time?” He watched as Lu got up and crossed her arms. “Okay, good. Then, we are leaving.”

Jessica Lu met with her partner, Manuel Hernandez as they watched their would-be snitch walk out the front door of the police station with his lawyer.
“She did save her life,” Manuel sighed.
“Improperly,” Lu Added.
Manuel shrugged his shoulders and sighed.
“I wouldn’t have said it in front of her, but the girl had a point. There’s the law, and then there’s keeping someone breathing.”
“You aren’t looking at the big picture. That girl won’t testify and she’s in the wind. Do you think things are going to go any easier for her now that she’s out there, having been to the police station, talking with cops? Even if she didn’t press charges, she’s marked. They aren’t going to let her live. At the most, all Jordan did was give her a few more hours.”
“That’s a few hours we can do something about.”
“Her problem… Not ours. My case stack is this thick,” Lu held her fingers out indicating an inch worth of cases she’d rather be working on. “Let’s talk to McKenzie’s captain and put her on chump duty since she was the one that started this shit in the first place. That’ll clear us up to do some real police work.”

Manuel shrugged his shoulders and smiled at his eager partner while she pulled her iPhone out of her pocket and started dialing.

Chapter Two

Jordan opened her lunch box and pulled out her smoothie while her partner found something to eat at a street-side burger vendor. Jordan sniffed at what he was eating when he sat down and her freckled nose wrinkled a little.
“My first partner is a vegetarian?” Paul rolled his eyes. “Look, I eat meat. And you’re going to have to get over it.”
“It’s just cooked too well. Don’t you like a nice bleeding burger?” Jordan asked.
“You don’t eat burgers.” Paul said. Jordan shrugged her shoulders and looked at him with her bright blue eyes as if asking for an explanation for how he came to that conclusion. Paul took a bite and then pointed at her while he chewed. He didn’t even wait to finish swallowing before he spoke through his burger-filled mouth. “… because if you’re as old as you say you are, the artificial hormones in these things would have filled you out by now. You’re flat.”
“I just exercise bunches,” Jordan corrected.
“Yeah, sure…” Paul said. Jordan could see that his trust in her diminished with each lie, as it should. Jordan just didn’t understand how she could be so transparent. She sighed. “
“Well, I don’t eat meat all the time, but when I do, I’ll let you know, and I’ll want it raw, so don’t get sicked out!”
“Sicked out?” Paul sighed.
“What?” Jordan asked.
“You need to work on sounding like an adult if you’re going to be seen as one.”
“I am one.”
“You aren’t getting the point.”
“I get your pointies, yah, but I am younger than you by a few years, and most importantly, I’m awesome.”
Paul placed his face in his hands and whimpered. Jordan giggled as she placed her lips around the straw of what looked like a strawberry smoothie to her partner. Their radio went off with the male dispatcher that she was getting used to hearing.

Respond to security detail. Jordan listened as the dispatcher gave the address and the name of the person they were going to be doing security for; Hector Rodriguez. Jordan blinked a few times in confusion as to what hit her ears as a babysitting assignment.

“See what you got us into?” It was said with a smile on Paul’s lips. Jordan smiled back at him while he replied to the request.

“Looks like we get the rest of the night off.”
“Babysitting isn’t a night off,” Jordan retorted happily as she stepped into the passenger side of the police car. Jordan soon found herself parked on the side of the road in a neighborhood where gang members walked the sidewalks regularly, passing their marked patrol car every so often.
“Holy shit on a stick,” Paul said as he looked around at all the people as they passed the car. One guy even kicked the side of his door as they walked by in a large group.

“Told ya!” Jordan swung her feet back and forth happily as she smiled at her partner. “Not a night off!”

“Did you hear about those officers in New York that just got shot while sitting around in their car?! This could be that moment for us! This is crazy!” Paul twisted around frantically in his seat to get a good look at the neighborhood that emerged from their doors

Jordan stuck her bottom lip out at her new partner and nodded.

“Uh… They were with the 39th. I was China Town, mostly. But yep, whenever an officer fell in the line, we all knew about it. Even with almost four thousand officers in that city, we all stopped what we were doing to get to know the fallen.” Jordan sighed as she looked out the window. “What sucks is that, the victim here is living in the same apartment complex as the people that were going to rape her.”

“Wait… How did you know they were going to rape her? Nobody said anything about rape.”

Jordan’s bright blue eyes widened as she scratched her blonde hair and played the dumb blonde for a moment.
“Oh yeah! That’s right. I’m sure they just tied her up for the fun of it.”
“Sorry I brought it up. But we’re going to have to think like a lawyer from now on because Lu isn’t going to give us any breathing room on this.”
“Lu is a Japanese Doushecanoe.” Jordan exclaimed
“A what?!” Paul’s voice went up three octives.
“You’re right, they’re called Junks in Japan… Japanese Doushjunker…” Jordan paused a moment and looked intently out the passenger-side window as she squinted her eyes and nodded knowingly.


Jordan seemed unhealthily fixated on finding just the right words to describe a woman that was a symbol of authority over her. Paul wondered if it was a problem against authority, or if she just didn’t like anyone reminding her the rules. She pulled the computer around so that it was facing her instead of the drivers seat.

“So, her name is Darlene Garcia. Twenty years old, and she lets the gangs do whatever they want to her and get away with it.” Jordan almost growled at the end of the statement. “I just don’t get it.”

“Yeah, well,” Paul pulled his seat back and stretched. “I don’t get it, either. Good point though; what are we supposed to do if we can’t actually see what’s going on in the building. Protection detail on something like this is useless when the guy we’re supposed to make sure stays away from her lives across the way in the same building.” Just as Paul was about to shut his eyes, the car door opened and Jordan stepped out.

“What are you doing?”
“Going to go up there!” She said.
“You can’t go up there. It’s too dangerous.”
“I’m from New York!” Jordan said.
“Why does everyone say that?!” Paul said when the door shut on him, “I’m from New York. Like that’s supposed to mean something.” He finished while talking to himself in the car. He looked out the window to see Jordan had vanished.

Around the corner of the building, Jordan stood still and listened closely for any sign that someone could be watching her. For Jordan, it got to the point to where she could feel senses on her, at least, for mortals. She had to make sure because her next move couldn’t be explained away as simple climbing abilities. She jumped from the ground to the second floor and continued scaling the building from railing to railing, one floor at a time until she made it to the roof. She looked over the ledge after she climbed on and made sure her partner didn’t run around the corner and catch her doing the impossible. Locks were easy to twist off for a Vampire. Nobody would be on the roof of the apartment building to watch her do such a thing; part of the reason why she wanted to be on the roof. She pulled the roof hatch open and looked down the hole to see a large ladder leading into a darkened room. She didn’t even need a flashlight of course, but once again, nobody would be there to watch a girl see in complete darkness. She hopped down to the bottom of the ladder and opened a door that was locked only from the outside. The door locked behind her and she walked down the main hallway to the elevator so that she could get on the correct floor; the second floor.

Once there, she heard commotion already. Hector was already slamming against Darlene’s door and demanding he let her in. Jordan just watched with an amused smile on her face as she clicked her radio.

“I have Mr. Ramirez here attempting ‘witness intimidation’. I’m going to bring him in.”
“Wait for me,” Paul replied on the radio.
“Can’t. See ya in a sec!” Jordan replied. At that point, she had Hectors attention.
“You again…”
“Yep!” Jordan said happily. “What you are doing is against the law you know? And rude! Like, super-rude…”
“Where’s your partner?”
“He’s on his way up. Just busy buzzing random tenants to see if they will let him in. You do realize that, if you attempt to do anything against me, it will go on your record. So you have to do what I say.” Jordan pointed her finger in his general direction. He of course came after her anyway. She grabbed onto him and pretended to hit with the type of force he would expect from a ninety pound girl. He laughed until the fangs sunk in.

She grappled her legs around his back as he tried to pull her gun out of its holster. Jordan held the gun in with her free hand as she pulled her right arm around his neck and kept drinking until his heart stopped. Jordan fell ontop of him and grabbed him by his wife beater. She pushed the stairwell door open and kicked her badge out of the door frame so that it would lock behind her. There, in the dark, the girl climbed the ladder with her 250 pound gang-leader-turned-victim up to the roof. Jordan sat back on top of him and turned the corpses head to the right.
“Mmm you have a lot of blood in there.”
The girl sucked until finally, his body vanished into a powdery mist that the wind would wisp away into nothingness. Jordan wiped her lips and stepped away from the mountain of dust while brushing it off of her black police uniform. All she had to do now was get her badge and check on Darlene. By the time Jordan gathered her things, and made it to Darlene’s door, Paul had finally convinced someone to allow him into the building. Darlene was fine, albeit a little shaken. Paul was quick to talk with her and tell her not to worry anymore.

“Where is Ramirez?” Darlene fearfully asked.
“I am not sure where he went,” Jordan skilfully lied. “But I don’t think he’s going to be coming back.”
“He lives here!” Darlene protested.She
“I bet you bunches of money he doesn’t come back!”
“He will!” Darlene shook as Paul held onto her more tightly.
“Nuh-uhh!” Jordan said.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?! I’m not going to testify! Ever!”
“You won’t have to!” Jordan said with a confident smile in lieu of Darlene’s immense tremors and cries of grief. The young officers smile had something sinister in it that Paul had not witnessed before now. He shrugged the feeling off and continued to help calm her down.

Jordan was dropped off in front of her house. The neighborhood was shitty as could be but Jordan knew she would be robbed of her comfortable free morning the moment she made it to the steps. There was a hispanic man waiting for her on the porch. He laughed as he looked at the little girl in uniform.

“Is this about anyone I arrested today — or?” Jordan trailed off because she didn’t think anyone in the department would rat her out that quickly. Jordan had her hands full of uniforms and paperwork that she had to fill out for her employment orientation. She didn’t want to cause a fight yet because that would mean having to explain to her boss why her papers were all crumpled up.

The man wobbled around like he was drunk but Jordan couldn’t smell any alcohol on his breath. He was either injured, or it was part of the show; she could have bet money on the latter.

“It’s like this, girl… This house is owned by the South Loco’s.”
“Loco means crazy, right?”
“Es’ right, chika…” He prolonged the “a” at the end of “Chika” for a good few seconds as he rudely hovered over her head. Jordan walked around him and went for the door while she picked up her end of the conversation.

“The South Loco’s must be a low-wage gang if they couldn’t keep up the rent for this shack. I own it now! Yep!” Jordan leaned her box of clothes against the front door to her house while she fumbled to fit the key in the lock. The key was snatched out of her hand and pushed into the lock by the gangster. “Thanks!”

She knew the type, sadly. She had a thing for them and it was only because she knew they couldn’t hurt her; for Jordan, it was a morbid curiosity to see how long they would survive, which was not very long. She had tried to save one just like him when she was fourteen years old and even after curing his addictions, she just couldn’t pull the addictive personality out of him and he died due to his lifestyle. She hoped that he wouldn’t be so unreasonable that he wouldn’t be of some help to her; she would have to find out. If all else failed, she’d just have to turn two people to dust in one night instead of just one.

He didn’t let her through and he kept the keys.
“You know I’m a police officer, right?”
“You a girl in a halloween costume,” He joked.
“Mmm,” Jordan pushed forward against him and watched as he fell over with ease. She reached down and gripped her fingers around the keyes, yanking them out of his hands despite him being prepared to keep a death grip.
“So, I don’t have any food but you’re free to buy some. Warning you though,” Jordan skipped into the bathroom and stuck her head out the door. “… if I find any drugs, or illegal weapons in here, I’m kicking you out!”

The latino gangster lie on his back with his eyes squinted half shut and his mouth wide open. He felt as if his intimidation factor had dropped from the top of the masculine scale and plummeted all the way to pussy. He crawled to his knees, and stood up, closing the door behind him.

In the shower, Jordan heard the gangster searching around for a knife to stab her with. She laughed as she brushed her teeth. She had such a big meal that she wanted to make sure to get all the human out from between her gums. He stepped in with the knife as Jordan brushed and showered at the same time.

“I like, totally forgot to get a shower curtain…”
She stomped her foot against the bottom of the tub and sighed. The looming latino with cutlery tilted his head to the side so far that his blue bandanna pointed to the right.
“You should be scared of me! I’m South Locos!”
She leaned against the tile, naked and seemingly at full disadvantage, but her body language sent a completely different vibe.
“I was thinking I’d get a liner first and maybe — would you like to go to Wal Mart with me tomorrow night and choose a shower curtain? If they have South Locos curtains, that’s fine, but this whole ‘Psycho’ scene thing just isn’t going to work without a shower curtain. You know…”

Jordan made a stabbing motion with her arm and mimicked the shrieking sounds from the stabbing scene.

“Whatever’s wrong with you — is no little thing…”
The Latino threw the knife into the sink and walked out of the bathroom. Jordan emitted a happy giggle that followed him out. He sat down on the sofa and opened his phone.
“No,” he said into the phone. “…No not yet. She’s not scared of me.”
He paused and listened further.
“She’d make me have to, man! She just walked inside anyway n’ — she even invited me in!”
A pause as he rubbed his short black hair with the palm of his hand.
“Aight…” He flipped the phone shut and stood up as Jordan stepped out of the bathroom with no regard to the intruder in her home, nor any clothing.
“Why you ain’t scared of me, girl?” He reached over to her clothes by the bathroom and pulled her Glock 17 out of its holster. He pointed it at her as the girl walked to a mountain of boxes and pried one open.
“My books!” She screamed happily. “Oh,” Jordan then turned to him and giggled. “Because I can’t imagine anyone ever being scared of you?”
“My crew’ll be back tonight!”
“Give me back my gun before you leave!” Jordan ran forward and pulled the gun right out of his hands.

Her bare foot booted him in the ass a lot harder than someone her size should have been able to hit. He felt as if he went airborne through the front door, over the potted plants, and into the old rusted chain link that protected the yard from ‘not much’. The girl confused him. Nobody has ever been nonchalant when confronted with him; especially not a little girl. Was she really a cop? He thought. She didn’t look like an adult without the uniform; hell, he didn’t even feel anything at all after seeing her naked, and that meant there was something off about this girl. Now his friends were starting to make fun of him and his street cred was on the line. He wiped the bags under his eyes. He had been up all night selling drugs and representing his turf. All he wanted to do now was go to sleep. He reached into the bushes and pulled his bicycle out and onto the sidewalk. With any luck, he could be home in an hour, just in time to avoid morning rush hour.


Jordan woke up at 6PM. She could still see that the evening sun was hitting her blinds. She pulled herself off the mattress and started putting the apartment together starting with the bedframe. The sofa was already in, thanks to the movers she had paid; there was still so much to do with the rat-race schedule, she’d have to wait until her day off to do it. She had to meet with the head of her supposed sect or coven, or whatever it was to formally announce herself and pay respects to the underworld barren of Los Angeles, or — whatever the courtesy was; then, she had to do the most important things, at least, in her life, which was find some people to play basketball with at midnight.

She had just finished putting the bed on the frame when a knock came at the door. If the knock was from that gang, she would have been happy to consider it food delivery, because she was starting to get thirsty. The frozen blood in the locked cooler that was provided to her by her best friend, Nero, just didn’t taste as good as straight from the vein. She tried to avoid extending her fangs as she opened the door. Detective Lu and Hernandez pushed their way inside as soon as she unlatched the door.

“Hey!”Jordan yelled in protest. “Skuze me!”
“Oh dear god, Officer McKenzie!” Hernandez turned toward the wall. “Put some clothes on!”
“If you didn’t get all pushy to get in here, you wouldn’t have had to be subjected to my ultimate awesomeness in the first place!” Jordan put her hands on her hips.
“McKenzie! We need to talk. Can you put something on?” Lu stated in a shame on you, your recess is suspended sort of a teacher-tone that made Jordan grind her teeth. Still, she didn’t feel like landing more letters on her Sergeants desk, as she was sure there were some laying there already. Jordan stepped into the bathroom and emerged in full uniform, a few hours early.
“You haven’t pressed that uniform yet,” Hernandez said.
“I can get naked again?”Jordan offered.
Both detectives scowled at her.
“Jordan,” Lu said. “Can you walk me through the events of the other night while you were on detail for Hector Rimirez?”
“Yeah… He tried to get that girl again and we chased him off. Then, we lost him.”
“You were assigned to do one thing and you blew it.” Lu accused.
“We are assigned first and foremost to protect lives. Our assignment put those lives in danger and we lost our target while protecting an innocent.”
“About that, Darlene told us that you said ‘Not to worry. He’ll never hurt you, ever again.’” Hernandez asked. “Mind telling us what you meant by that?”
Jordan nodded at the both of them.
“I was just trying to calm her down,” Jordan smiled at them.
“So, you didn’t –,” Lu shrugged her shoulders.
“Oh I hid the body in a dumpster!” Jordan said with a broad kiddish grin. “Your departments Glock 17 really works great! Oh, that reminds me. I’m totally out of ammo! I need to requisition more, and a cleaning kit for my gun! Breaking the law and committing cold blooded murder really clogs up the department issued hardware with cordite!”

“Go fuck yourself,”Hernandez said as he walked past his partner and out the door.
“I might have had the opportunity to do so if you didn’t make me put my clothes on!” Jordan yelled.
“What’s wrong with you?” Lu asked.
“Nothing! In fact, your partner was just the first person to treat me like an adult since I’ve met the both of you. I have no idea what happened to our assignment. He left the building while we were looking after your witness.”

“That’s what you wrote down for the report.” Lu said. She scratched her black hair and looked down at Jordan. “There was nothing else to add? Do we even know if the witness is safe?”
“As long as she moves. I don’t think the other members even know her name. All they know is that she lives across the way from that asshole.”

“We’ll be in touch,” Lu said. She closed the door on her way out.

Jordan rolled her eyes and sat on the sofa, facing a blank wall. She reached over to the edge of the couch and checked her watch. 6:20PM. Almost time. She found herself wondering what all her other friends were doing. She was going to miss them. Another knock at the door came right when the sun went down. Jordan opened the door and was pushed inside by three members of the South Locos.

“This her?!” Jordan felt a gun muzzle against her chest as they pushed her against the wall. “You got scared off by this?” The man was older, with a flat top that was peppered with grey. Jordan knew he was one of the higher up’s.
“I’m an LAPD officer!” Jordan reminded him.
“You’re leaving… This is our place, our turf, and we aren’t going to have any police up in here, understand?”
“I am up in here!” Jordan smiled happily without a single hint of being scared or intimidated. Jordan closed her eyes as he pulled his arm back and slapped his gun across her face. She fell to the floor after a blow that should have left her bloodied and dazed, did very little to her. Jordan jumped back to her feet.
“Up in here again!” Jordan happily sung in a ta-daa!
“The —,” flat-top didn’t finish his sentence. He kicked her so hard that she flew across the room, and into her boxes.
“Up in here again!” Jordan sprung to her feet.
“I told you, mean! She ain’t right!” Her friend that almost had the chance to stay the day yelled and pointed at her as he talked with flat-top.
“Shut the fuck up!” Flat-top yelled.
Jordan knew that she shouldn’t tempt the man too much or else he might shoot her. Under normal circumstances, that would be fine, but, she had a uniform to care for, and if she had to ask for replacements, people might ask questions. Also, she read that, in department policy, only the LAPD could destroy old uniforms. Jordan indeed had to be careful. Bullet holes couldn’t be explained away — especially bullet holes with blood stains; blood stains comprised of different types of blood; a little bit of Hector Ramirez was running through her system as well and that wouldn’t look good at all considering Detectives Lu and Hernandez were on the warpath.

When Officer Paul Cyrus pulled up to Jordan’s house to pick her up, he was met with four guys at her doorstep with their hands tied with flexicuffs. At the door was Jordan, happily waving at her partner. Paul flipped his lightbar on and stepped out of the car. He leaned on the A-Frame of the car door for a moment to take in the sight of his new partners unnatural abilities.

“What’s going on?”
Paul stepped out and around.
“They all wanted me to move out because I’m a cop!” Jordan explained. “But I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want a cop in the neighborhood.”

Paul thought for a moment that the entire Locos gang rolled their eyes at the same time.

Several hours into the night, Jordan and Paul finally hit the streets.
“You guys have bunches of paperwork for arrests! Back in New York, it was a simple, carbon copy booking receipt and the desk sergeant completed the rest!” Jordan said as she popped her seatbelt in.
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet or not, but this isn’t New York.”
Paul drove the vehicle out of the police garage and onto the streets. Jordan clicked her mic.     “L.A. South, Two-Adam-Delta – Ten-Eight.”
“Copy Two-Adam-Delta, Ten-Eight.”

“So they broke in and you — zip tied the lot of them? Just like that?”
“Hey,” Jordan said in a fake Jersey-style accent while moving her hands toward her chest, “I’m from New York…”
“Mmm No you’re not.” Paul said with a laugh.
“Read that resume and weep, you jealous bastard!”
“What was that the Sergeant said about — Iowa?”
“That’s where I was born and raised, then, my mom went to New York City. I wanted to be a cop, just like her!”
“Oh, okay. That makes sense now! But how the hell do you really get the drop on all those people without getting overpowered or yourself hurt — or, climb across walls with your fingertips and tie people up with trash bags!”
“I’m from New York!” Jordan said.
“What the hell ever…”

Jordan giggled at her partners response as she swung the computer over to face her seat. She typed in the booking reports and sifted through the pictures until she landed on the guy that first tried to intimidate her the other morning.
“Luis Ortega… He came over to my house to tell me to move out and go somewhere else last night. Mmm okay, he’s out before the end of tomorrow morning. Goodie.”
“Wait… Jordan!” Paul stopped his car at the side of the road and looked at her. “You didn’t press charges?!”
“Not against Luis!”
“It’s complicated. He’s my owwwnnnn personal snitchie!” Jordan said it between her teeth as she smiled at Paul.
“You’re a regular officer! You can’t have a snitch!”
“Not getting into this argument with you!”
“Glad we agree!” Jordan fired back.
“We didn’t agree on anything!”
“My snitch!”

The car drove back into the streets. With the way Paul reacted to her snitch idea, she didn’t want to tell him that he was supposed to help her pick out bathroom accessories tomorrow night.

“All available South District officers -Signal Forty, twenty-three hundred block Pavilion Street South. No further information.”
“Ooh!” Jordan reached forward and grabbed the microphone.
“Two Adam Delta, Fifty-One, to that forty!” Jordan reached down and tapped the light bar and the siren while jumping up and down, squealing at the same time. Several other officers  announced the same intentions to arrive at the shots fired call somewhere on Pavilion avenue. Jordan pulled her pistol and checked the chamber.
“He’s not going to be your snitch,” Paul reminded her.
“Do you ever get changie?”
“Change subjects!” Jordan yelled this time.
“Yeah, we can change subjects. How about this baby-talk thing? Changie?! You will never be taken seriously if you keep talking like that.”
Paul turned his lights and siren off , including his headlights and slowed the vehicle to a crawl while coasting up the sidewalk blacked out. Jordan clicked her microphone.
“Two Adam Delta, Ninety-Seven.”
“Sierra Eight, Two Adam Delta; Standby Fifty-Six on Twenty.”
“What the hell?!” Jordan said without sending it over the radio. Her partner laughed a little bit at her reaction to the supervisor’s insistence that he take over as the lead officer on site.
“And that’s why it’s better to be taken seriously!”
“He has no idea I talk like that though! I’ve never even met the guy!” Jordan said.
“Okay, granted… But you sound so…” Paul stopped before he said anything more
“Sierra Eight! Two Adam Delta! Ten-Seven!” Came the supervisors second reply. Jordan gave Paul the evil-eye as she pulled the microphone back to her lips.
“Two Adam Delta, Sierra Eight, Ten-Four. Ten-Six, Fifty-Six; Twenty-One Fifteen.”
Ten Four”
Jordan and Paul stepped out of the patrol car. The conversation with the supervisor let him know that they would be awaiting further instruction after his arrival and would not be taking any action at the time that they arrived by giving out the timestamp of their arrival. All they had to do now was wait. Eventually, another car arrived. The patrol car was an older model; a crown victoria with a K-9 label on the hood. A middle-aged red-headed man stepped out and yelled over the barking of his dog. His whole car shook from side to side as he walked away from it.

“Which one of you bozo’s thought it’d be a good idea to leave me waiting on a Signal Forty, wondering for a split second if you two fucks were blown away or not. That’s a write-up, gentlemen. I take it you were having a conversation while I was trying to raise you on the radio? I hope it was a good one because it’s going to go on report.”

“Uh,” Jordan started. “Sir, it was only like — five seconds.”
“Telling me I don’t know how to count time, officer?” The sergeant was obviously a pushy guy with a chip on his shoulder. “I’ve never seen you before, so I’m going to give you a bit of advice. When I call you on the radio, no questions, no lag-time… You ANSWER me right away. I’ve been doing this for too long to have to put up with rookie-style bull-crap. You’re new here, aren’t you?” The red-head asked.
“Yep!” Jordan smiled and held out her hand after swapping her Glock to her left. “Officer McKenzie!”
“Active shooter and you want to make friends? I’m from New York…”
“Hey, she’s from New York!”
Jordan almost giggled as Paul said it.

“Guys… Shut up and follow me in.” He tapped his shoulder-mic. “Sierra Eight, Two Adam Delta Ninety-Seven, moving forward toward last known Ninety-One.”
“Ten-Four, Sierra Eight.”
Jordan, Paul, and the Sergeant stepped away from their cars and onto a sidewalk path that led into a neighborhood. Paul flipped his gun-light on and the sergeant wasted no time slapping him on the shoulder so hard that that the light swung toward the trees.
“Do that again, I’ll shoot you, myself!” The sergeant warned.

Another loud bang. Glass shattered out of the second floor window of a middle-classed house that crested the hill looking over the streets. The sergeant and two officers rushed toward the front of the house. The front door had a deep gash in the wood and the frame where the lock would have been was splintered. The sergeant motioned for Jordan to go around back while he and Paul went in the front. Jordan found that there was no back yard where the house was; the hill that the residence rested on was almost a straight dive to the curving street below, which left nowhere for Jordan to go but back to the front; if she were human. One supernatural jump later, Jordan was on the roof and inching around toward the broken window.

Inside, the sergeant and Paul found the gunman in the bedroom with a Smith and Wesson M&P .40 to another man’s head.
“You ruined my life! Shut up!” The gunman yelled.
“The police are here! You’re fucked!”
“Sir! Be quiet and let us talk,” the sergeant said.
“What’s going on?” Paul asked the gunman.
“This piece of shit fired me, after all I’ve done for him! I set up the servers, the database, the software and the thanks I get is a goddamn pink slip! I did all the work! You’re just the fucking finance agent!”
“I know how to market! You were going to get severance pay!”
“I leave, I’m taking the company down with me!”
“Sir, you shut up and let us talk to the man. Not you!” The sergeant reminded the hostage.
When Jordan silently swung through the broken window, it caught the sergeant offguard. Jordan put her finger to her lips and smile. It was too late. The man swung around but Jordan was ready for it and hopped to the side of the wall, just out of his sight and did so with complete silence. This time, both of the officers pretended that there was indeed not a young officer sneaking up behind the man.
“What are you looking at?!”
“Nothing!” the sergeant said.
“You were looking over my shoulder!”
Jordan pulled the gun out of his hand quickly and shot him with a taser. The hostage fell to the ground while Jordan kept the trigger pulled and rammed the taser into his torso for good measure despite that the projectile prongs were stuck into his skin.

“McKenzie!” The sergeant said. Jordan was ready for another verbal attack but she smiled when he saw the approving nod. Jordan giggled and squeezed the trigger another time to properly express her happiness.

Across the street, two tall, pale white figures talked amongst themselves. They had already witnessed Jordans death defying leap onto the second floor of the house and her psuedo-heroic apprehension, and none of what they had seen phased them. That’s because they knew what she was.
“Nero and Titus said she’d call in due time.”
“Not due enough,” said the other voice. “She’s operating without formal introduction. That is extremely inappropriate.”
“Give her time to come around.”

End of Episode One – Season Four

Production Notes:
This is a first-draft submission.
Started it at the beginning of the year with intention to complete an episode every month. Work got in the way. I’m playing catch up. I want to get up to three episodes before the end of the month. We’ll see how that goes. Then, count on one episode every month!