My Problem With Vaping

By Bryan Holland

Vaping isn’t even a word, to start with. Every time I write the word “vaping”, little red lines crawl under the words to tell me that I’ve made an error in my word processing. Granted, I agree that it’s healthier than having to walk through people smoking cancerous cigarettes, however, it’s marketed as “You can Vape Anywhere!”. And meanwhile, people like me, at my day job have to deal with it. A prime example… This has happened to me three times already — I walk into a movie theater after complaints about people “vaping” during the movie. I tell them they’re going to have to put it out, and all three times, as if religiously trained with the same response, they look at me with indignation and say:

“Well, no. I’m Vaping. I’m allowed to do this. This isn’t a cigarette.”
And they generally act oblivious to the fact that the vapor is clouding up the theater, the residual fallout is being breathed in by other guests, and yet more often than not, they will choose to ignore the obvious because the ad’s pound it into every vape guzzling fad eater that “YOU are allowed to use it anywhere!

I see it at coffee shops, I see it when I walk downtown, everywhere I go. They advertise it wherever they go, and smoke it wherever they go. That’s right, I said smoke… Yes, I know it’s vapor, but in my personal opinion, I think people have gone too far when they wear it around their necks.

Why, oh why, would someone wear their vice around their necks like it was something to be prideful about. It reminds me of an old 90’s television show named “Ghost Writer” where these kids would write to a ghost to solve crimes using special pens that they wore around their necks. The only problem is, it’s a damn drug — advertised to the owners that they can, should, and against all recommendations not to, smoke it anywhere they want.

I recommend watching the very first episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation “Encounter at Farpoint” where Picard recalls what part of history he was in, where, the populace was controlled by a drug that all citizens wore around their necks, and how it spiraled out of control.

Fiction is getting it right. Cell phones, tablets, and vaping… What next? Klingons?

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