What happened?

Who are you people, and what did you do with my society?

Everything has changed so drastically since the advent of Social Media that brought this world so close together. I feel that the instant gratification of a “like” for a post and a review being seconds away by the rest of the world has caused a lot of our creative thinkers to forfeit what they were naturally good at in order to take the reins of “influencing”, and for those that ignored the whole bit and continued being successful, the rest of the world got to see what they had done and grew jealous when someone out there had the “audacity” to remind them of what they could have accomplished had they not wasted so much time.

All of this coalesced into a huge magnet for negative thinking that has now domineered the status-quo that we are so used to and set precedent that allowed even our governments to be at each others throats. The creative thinkers in the world don’t pay attention anymore and think they know best for the rest of us, the people with their heads in the media point out the overreactions by the creative minds, politics spin out of control, and the problems that we’ve all had due to simply being human are amplified like a gigantic lens; the focal point can be seen right here on the worlds largest, corporate run, social network.

Goodness help you if you’re independently famous.
J.K. Rowling is suddenly a racist.
Stephanie Meyer suddenly sucks.
Stephen King is suddenly not really a good writer.

Give me a break…
If you want to bash them, write your own book but don’t get too famous. They’ll eat you alive.

President Trump is just a retarded cheeto with nothing good to offer the world.
President Elect Biden is a cheater and supporter of child molestation…

Yeah right… Both political sides love to accuse each other of everything under the sun but if anyone opts to investigate or supports an investigation into either sides claims, they get roasted by the members/supporters of whatever party the investigation might burn in the process.

Nobody’s willing to be open minded, polite, or inquisitive about hardly anything in this setting anymore. Nobody want’s to be “wrong on the internet”. I guess when it’s in writing it feels personal because the error will always be there for people to read.

Everything is offensive now.
They want to take Uncle Ben off my box of wild rice.
They want to change the name of my couty.
They want to make me pay $200 just because I own a gun and for no other reason.
Every actor out there is liable to be labeled a sexual offender. Especially if they speak out against Hollywood’s ideas on politics.
School Systems can now suspend children for actions that they didn’t do on campus or on school time, as if their guidelines can legally stretch beyond the gates of their institutions.
Corporations can fire you for being a stripper on your spare time because it affects the corporate image.
You can’t say anything that goes against Facebook’s Community Standards – EVEN IF IT WASN’T IN THE LIST OF STANDARDS WHEN YOU SAID IT.

Video games creators are deleting their social media accounts because the games they worked on weren’t perfect and it’s the STYLE to be OFFENDED by EVERYTHING regardless of the effort put into the release.

Every movie sucks if it gets too popular just to hate it.

To hell with all of you lol..

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