A possible Book about my time as a Mall Cop

When I worked at the mall, I could tell you all about my day. It was fun to talk about it; heck, I’m even going to finish a few short stories based on true events of the mall. The mall was filled with a bunch of zany happenings and petty bullcrap/stupid things.
The mall also didn’t have a huge confidentiality clause…
Last week at the Hospital could fill a whole book. Sadly, confidentiality is part of patient safety and privacy. All I can say was — WOW… As far as individual stories of what happened, I’m left with only mall stories to tell you.
The differences between the mall and the hospital is immense as far as the severity and volume and explained simply it’s this:
Mall had the Volume of Incidents.
Hospital has Severity of Incidents.
Mall has a rule-book nobody follows or cares about.
In the Hospital, the rule-book is seriously followed.
Lots of major differences. Needless to say, I love working at the Hospital. I see everyone there as a “team”. The mall, it was full of politicians; retail politics.
I still fully intend on writing an in-depth experience of what it was like to work at Edison Mall. The names will change to protect everyone of course, but in time, there will be a book about what it was like to be a “Mall Cop” at Edison — and it will contain, the good, the funny, the bad, and the insane… Complete with not just stories, but detailed accounts of how things were treated and dealt with.
It will explain a lot about me as well;
In person, people perceive me as a little slow sometimes; until people actually get to really know me (the problem is, if someone judges me too quickly, that’ll never happen), they won’t ever realize that I notice practically everything that goes on around me.
Just because I don’t complain about it doesn’t mean I don’t see it. The really odd and funny thing is that, at my current job, people caught on right away that I was deeper than a glass of water. The real mystery is — what was the difference?

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